Master Underwear Models – about How to Select Underwear

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  • Published January 27, 2011
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Master Underwear Models – about How to Select Underwear

Many shops classify underwear into different models, the way in which different categories according to size - 1 / 2, 3 / 4. By function - pushup, invisible underwear, as well as magic padded underwear. If all finished, I figured a night, well let say the practical ones.

One, cup, which is also known as a half cup bra: help with clothing, although less functional, but quite satisfactorily to enhance the effect, after wearing a smaller chest appear more full.

Sagging breasts are best to avoid this style, and choose the best power to set off the first full cup.

Two, full cover bra: As the name suggests, is that breasts can be all inclusive in the hood, with a focus on supporting and enhancing the effect, is the most functional of the cup. Full cup bra with a general function of focus the breast together.

Three, he most popular 3 / 4 cup, because the practical and beautiful outside the chest expansion, full person. Chest one small: 3 / 4 cup can be can be used to fill the entire lower breast pad, but avoid 1 / 2 cup, since the use of padded ineffective. Flat chest women: 3 / 4 cup, which went with a focus on results or add more sewing cushion effect.

Four, 5/ 8, It can easily hold up chest, full of passion and temptation. With a casual charm, you can match with casual jeans under.

Five, little cute, which is also be regarded as a bra, because that friends often bought to wear bikini as underwear, although the good-looking but poorly supported, it is not recommended, I would like her breasts a few years will be miserable. Little cute are generally used with casual dress or daily wear at home.

Six, magic bra: the inside of the cup into the liner, in order to enhance and to prop up the chest, falling to the performance of deep cleavage. It transports and collects the chest to the middle, so that from the narrow chest, flat chest petite for women.

Seven, elongated strapless bra: you can adjust the abdomen, waist fat; show your curves, now very popular to go with sexy clothes, such as dress.

Eight, sports underwear: support force with a certain shock, a shock-absorbing function in the exercise, compared with the general bra breast shape and protection of the breast with a fixed function, to avoid injury during exercise.

In addition to say, before someone asked what it was like to see for small chest bikini girls, I think this is very good, it is not suitable for women the figure the most important reason is that, unless she is stuck with adhesive to bikini in the above, or a moving body, the nipple will come out.

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