The Maintenance of Silver Jewelries

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  • Published January 29, 2011
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The Maintenance of Silver Jewelries

Many friends like sterling silver jewelry, but do not know how to maintain, in fact, we only need a little effort in their daily lives, you can make silver look as new.

At first, silver is the best care to wear every day, because the body can produce natural oils moist sheen.

The second not wear silver jewelry while wearing the other precious metals in order to avoid collision deformation or abrasion.

The third, to keep dry silver, do not wear swimming, not close to the hot springs and sea water. When not used to gently wipe the surface of cotton or tissue paper to remove moisture and dirt, it would be placed in sealed bags or boxes, to avoid contact with air.

The fourth, if we find there are yellow signs of silver, the easiest way to add a little water, light use toothpaste to wash surface. Or small brush to clean silver jewelry slits, then rub gently wipe the surface of silver cloth, we can immediately restore the original beautiful ornaments. (If you use a wiping cloth to restore some of silver's silver service three conditions, would not have to use silver polishing silver milk and wash water, because they all have some corrosion, silver jewelry after using these products, will become more color easily. In addition, the wiping cloth containing silver and maintenance component of silver, not washed)

The fifth, yellow too serious silver, silver with a wash of water soaking time should not be too long, usually a few seconds, remove and wash immediately with water, then dry with tissue paper.

The sixth, the use of silver polishing cloth to restore some Beaching the silver situation, no need to use silver polishing silver milk and wash water, because these products have some corrosion, silver, after the use of these products will become increasingly easy to yellow. Silver polishing cloth containing silver and maintenance components, cannot be washed.

The seventh, If not usually, after wearing the silver in the processing and collection, are most likely to make silver black. Then use a small brush to clean jewelry slit, and then wipe a drop of milk in the face of silver paper, the silver surface, wipe away the black oxide, silver polishing cloth and then restore the original bright jewelry. Then we must remember to do general maintenance routine, and avoid another black silver, silver in the black after several hard rub white.

Because of the oxide of silver jewelries, you must take good care of them. Generally speaking, it just needs a little effort to keep shining.

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