Fixing and Flipping Foreclosed Homes in Seattle

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  • Author John Evan Miller
  • Published January 30, 2011
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As in any business interest, nothing is better than being prepared when fixing and flipping foreclosed homes in Seattle. There are several considerations to ponder and a lot of hard work for sure. Some of the important matters that investors need to keep in mind will require a lot of analysis and decision making. These decisions should always be guided by good information and adequate caution.

Things to be Aware Of

Investors should not purchase a home without knowing what to do with it. A plan is always required for buying foreclosures but a lot of people get mobilized to purchasing one property after another due to the affordability of foreclosed homes in Seattle. Even if you have the money to spend you should not purchase a cluster of properties if you do not have a business plan. Create the foundation of your flipping business first by establishing a network of contacts and suppliers. Create a project timetable and a working budget, and make sure that you will stick to it. A good plan is something that can easily be carried out with minimum risk.

You will definitely encounter scores of undervalued homes that are just too enticing so you have to be very discerning when picking which ones to purchase. Make sure that the homes you are purchasing conform to your business plan. It would help if you have a professional home inspector in your network, someone who can look into every property and tell you if it is worth investing in. This way, you are assured that you are not making an impulse buy and that your purchase is aligned to your business strategy.

Never buy a property without first surveying the neighborhood or community where it is located. A huge portion of the value of your property will be influenced by its location. Check for the quality of community support and services like schools, business districts, health care systems, transportation and recreation. Try to learn all you can about the vicinity including the demographics and crime rate. You should be learned enough to be able to sell not only the home but also the neighborhood as this is a big consideration for buyers.

Lastly, the business flipping foreclosed homes in Seattle can only succeed if the investor is involved in the whole affair a hundred percent. You may not know everything but you should make time to learn or connect with people who has the knowledge.

John Evan Miller has been educating buyers on the finer points of foreclosed homes in Seattle for over five years. Visit and read more advice on finding information about foreclosed homes in Washington.

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