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  • Published February 5, 2011
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On July 2rd,it is an unforgettable day for the French Emperor and the Chinese National Palace Museum jewelry. They announced that the "Art Treasures Exhibition of Cartier" held in the Forbidden City Meridian Gate Exhibition Hall would be held from September 5 to November 22,2009. From the cheetah brooch what was always company with the Duchess of Windsor, and the sword which was Specially designed for literary giants to • Cocteau French Academy custom, the "mystery clocks"filled with exotic charm to the magic of color, also the ancient myth of the unicorn invasion bracelet Millennium, These antique treasures integrate Eastern and Western history, which highly inheritanced with The implication of profound artistic.

It had represented the world's jewelry and Western social trend of history.According to Art Museum Collection Cartier founder Eric Nussbaum memory, "In 1973, Robert Hocq who act as the president of Bali Ka in Asia made a decision to buy back auction market in Geneva, Cartier created in 1923's first Portique magic charm clock. "The clock was all the first temple-style clock. They were a total of six full clock, each with a different design, which were desiend by Cartier completion of its creation in the years between 1923-1925. It was inspired from the temples and Buddhist culture from the East. The clock was built as a temple shape, decorated with Maitreya Buddha temple top. If you remove the statue you would reach people power system.

In just 25 years,the Cartier Art Gallery Series will be a collection of over 1360 historical masterpiece. The social change of the rare masterpieces were repurchased by Cartier from individual collectors or public auction. In accordance with the original archival documents which were classified, these collections include a luxurious royal jewelry, fine watches, superior timepieces, and the lady dressing, cigarette cases, stationery and other kinds of unique fine jewelry, many of the world's leading museums have power invited to their exhibition.

this exhibition of 346 objects on display were created from the brand until the beginning of the twentieth century as the representatives of the seventies, which were selected from thousands of treasures in the cartier clooections. In addition to luxury jewelry, fine watches, timepieces, and gorgeous ornaments of excellence, but also the design on display rare manuscripts, archival documents and literature from the Cartier Museum exhibits little cast of external parts were displayed. We can see from the exhibits that Cartier highly praised of Chinese civilization and arts.

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Seeing is believing. I remember the date, and also I have seen the pretty Cartier Jewelry.

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