Traditional House of Today’s Modern Trends

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  • Published February 2, 2011
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Houses were once known as one of the most popular types of housings in the Philippines. Today, however, the popularity of houses had dramatically dropped due to the many popular types of housings available in the Philippines today, such as condominiums and apartment buildings.

Though not as popular as other types of housings, these typical houses are still known as one of the most in-demand types of housings in the country. So what made these simple types of housings in-demand in today’s modern and fast-paced lifestyles?

Traditional House of Today’s Modern Trends

One of the few reasons why houses are still in-demand is because of its affordability compared to most modern types of housings in the Philippines. According to many Filipinos, the cost of a single condominium unit in the city is enough for a Filipino to buy a 2 to 3 story house, which is usually more practical, compared to condominium units in terms of housing for the family.

Many new houses for sale in the Philippines today are known for its affordability. However, these new houses are known to offer a new terms of payment that made these houses more affordable compared to other older houses, and even with renting an apartment. This is because most of these new houses can be bought and paid in installment.

Because of this new term of payment, many Filipinos were given the chance to finally own a home while paying for it in a monthly basis, similar to that of paying rents in apartments. However, other than its affordability and new terms of payment, houses are also known for other important and unique benefits, making it in-demand in the Philippines.

Traditional Home for Traditional Filipinos

Another reason why houses are still popular and why the number of new houses for sale had continuously grown in the market is because many Filipinos still believes that houses are still the only types of housings appropriate for a growing Filipino family.

Although there are a number of new modern housings for Filipino families, such as condominium complexes and townhouse complexes, many Filipinos still opts to buy a house once they decided to start a family of their own. Though there are no solid reason as to why this is, many of them believes that it is the environment that makes these houses popular for many Filipino families, though other types can offer better.

Another reason is because houses are the only types of housings that can be made as an ancestral home, compared to condominiums, townhouses, or renting an apartment.

Other Reasons

There are also a number of reasons why new houses for sale had gained a lot of popularity in today’s modern trends. One is that these new houses are found in housing communities, and that these housing communities can also offer amenities such as swimming pools, recreational parks, and playgrounds, making it a very popular type of housing for Filipino families.

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