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  • Published January 28, 2011
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Top Guide Of Horse Jewelry

By.Ismail Fahmi

Horse jewelry is one of the most beautiful kinds of animal jewelry, a symbol of freedom and pride in freedom. Wild horses evoke a feeling of emotional and spiritual independence.

Horse jewelry has always intrigued people from way back the ancient times up to the present. Families all over the world, in one way or another, have had a horse jewelry may it be in the form of a gold horse jewelry, hair horse jewelry, silver horse, horse ring jewelry, or even diamond horse jewelry.

Wearing horse jewelry is a visual expression of internal emotions and characteristics, being ahorse,in one way or another, graceful, strong, independent and free-spirited. You are showing everyone around you that you are an independent and graceful creature who will not be held in bondage by institutions set up by society.

There are obviously many different types of horse jewelry. There is everything from horse hair jewelry to celtic horse jewelry. There is even diamond horse jewelry. We will talk about a couple of the different types. It may have been passed on from generation to generation as an heirloom or keepsake for it symbolizes a lot of things or important events in one’s life.

Horse jewelry is available in either gold or sterling silver. Silver is the one of the very best available materials for making jewelry of all shapes and kinds. It is durable, affordable and beautiful.

Silver is a very good material for making horse jewelry because of its durability and its affordability. Popular silver jewelry items include rings, pins, anklets, cufflinks, brooches, pendants and much more. Silver horse jewelry depicts the majestic animal in various moods and postures. Some of these include the horses standing, running, or leaping. A great theme is a mare with her foal. It is very touching and makes a great gift from mother to son.

A talented craftsman can make a piece of gold horse jewelry come alive. Gold horse jewelry is really able to bring out the detail of the horses mane while capturing it in a full gallop. The flowing of the mane gives the wearing a feeling of unbridled freedom.

Horse jewelry is a beautifully handcrafted for all occasions. Every horse design is an original. Add a sparkle to a special night on the town or compliment a day in jeans with casual elegance and individual flair. Horse jewelry collection will always be in style.

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