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By.Ismail Fahmi

Charms bracelet is an item of jewelry worn around the wrist. It carries personal charm , decorative pendants or trinkets which signify important things in the wearer's life.

Charms bracelet have a history dating back to the Neolithic era and were used as a way to ward off evil. During the early 20th century, charms bracelet became a feverish fad as Queen Victoria began wearing them.

Gold or silver, yours or for a loved one, initials on a charms bracelet are a good way of catching peoples attention. This type of charms bracelet has dangling pieces attached to the chain.

Charms bracelet are placed around the wrist with numerous decorative trinkets dangling about.

These small pendants are meant to symbolize the things most important to whoever wears them.

Since 2002, a new trend for European charms

bracelet has emerged in both Europe and North America.

The authentic Italian charms bracelet is configured differently. While each charm is separate and interchangeable, it lays flat against the wrist and is interlocking to the next charm, similarly to an expansion band. A charm-link connecting tool is available to change the charms, but fingers seem to work just as well.

Charms bracelet are started at a memorable point in a person's life, usually given to them as a gift.

Anyone can have an interest in charms bracelet, whether it is for the art of collecting or to display their warm memories.

A perfect example of this is when an expectant first-time mother receives a charms bracelet. She may add to the bracelet after her child is born during various milestones. Relevant charms include baby booties, pacifier, a tooth, teddy bear and their initials.

Charms bracelet can be obtained from catalogs, department stores, antique jewelers, as well as fashion boutiques.

There are three main sizes to choose from when picking out a charms bracelet: small, medium and large.

Depending on where you purchase a charms bracelet, you will find that the market is filled with numerous price ranges. Some can cost as little as $5, while others may set you back $500. It is the quality, material and charm detail that often dictates the price of a charms bracelet.

Today, Italian charms bracelet are quite popular. The age of the charm bracelet is also a factor. The world of Italian charms bracelet are fast becoming the "in" thing in the fashion world and it is not only gaining the attention of the young female population but also the attention of the general male population and also the older and more mature women as well.

The standard size of the charms bracelet is eighteen links, and most of the bracelets are regulated because the makers do not want their bracelets to look weird in terms of sizes when compared to other bracelets in the market.

So just remember that if you are looking to accessorize or want to give a loved one a gift, a great choice would be an Italian charms bracelet as these wonderful items can suit any occasion by simply selecting and using the relevant links.

Whoever is responsible for creating your charms bracelet will also influence the price.

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