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  • Published January 30, 2011
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By.Ismail Fahmi

Fashion bracelets which texture, style, color, style, are display of your heart. Some bracelet maybe imitation jewelry but it donesn't matter.

Wearing the fashion bracelets in just the right fashion is important the fashion you pair the bracelet with.

To choose a fashion bracelets properly, the jewelry manufacture uses universal standards of measurement. A closure type bracelet and bangle bracelet should measure 1/2 inch larger than your wrist.

Fashion bracelets are perfect as a stand accessory with your favorite summer dress.

What we want is just the fashion style.Have you met your dream fashion bracelet? Some of the boys avoid wearing watches so they go for men diamond bracelets.

As one style of fashion bracelets,jade bracelets has become the important part.More and more foeigners all like to wear the jade items.Here is the varieties of fashion jade bracelet.

Jade bracelets are wide variety of difficult to breakdown. According to the "image Jade study" the principles can be divided into seven categories:

First, the Su-bracelet: only to the child, there is no color, flower bracelets bracelet is called prime.

There can be many varieties, such as the Su-white bracelet that is, from white, sub-composition; prime bracelet is a species of water well-head feet, at the end of the colorless, transparent accounts without flower bracelets; there is ice white, glass white, plain Abutilon bracelets. Bracelet is belongs to agate jewelry.

Old bracelets of varying kinds of floating flowers, floating flowers such as glass bracelets.

The color flower bracelet: at the end of the green bracelet account called color flower bracelet. Sub-base can be divided into several kinds of color flower bracelets, flower bracelets as ice at the end of the green. Some areas will be green as "green", such as white blue bracelets, cyanine bracelets.

Blue sandstone jewelry, glass-green jewelry relatively rare, prices are high.

The water shield flower bracelets: purple the more concentrated the higher the price.

Huang Fei Bracelet: bracelet with Huang Wu and Hong Wu King Tong Fei, red green jade bracelet, though more common, but Huang Wu, Hong Wu occupied the site but not many. Huang kinds of good ice, ice red bracelets are more rare, its price is also high. Sixth, three-color bracelets: red (yellow), green and purple also appear on the bracelet is called three-color bracelet. Kinds of good three-colored bracelets are not common, have value for collection.

Fashion bracelets are fun and stylish. The perfect fashion bracelets give your outfit an attitude and glamour.

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