The Legend of Amethyst Jewelry

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  • Published February 4, 2011
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Amethyst, whether in the East or West, will be as purple as a symbol of the highest color. Gemstones, amethyst can be issued only this noble purple light. It is said that nature, the most beautiful purple amethyst is a purple.

"Amethyst" honest words from Greek, meaning " Preserve chastity" This etymology, until the Middle Ages, which are considered to be smoking, alcohol symbols. Today, amethyst is considered to be "honest", "pure love" sign.

It is said that, in Greek mythology, Amethyst - A Meiji Manchester, is the victim of Bacchus. Dionysian banquet in the forest, when we get drunk, there is a passerby ran away after the speech who had offended Dionysus, so Bacchus out of spite, he decided that the first human in his eyes, when for he loved the tiger's food. And the beautiful young girl is the first one come to Dionysian’s eyes - A Meiji Manchester. Tiger was about to pounce on the moment, young girls prayed to God, so God took her into a white gem. Later, their actions Dionysus was very sorry, they put down the wine dinner on a stone. The white transparent stones immediately become dark purple gem. Became amethyst. She symbolizes magic, spiritual power, so the Greeks believed that amethyst made of glass with a drink is not drunk. Greek text Amethustos, means "to drink is not drunk."

In Catholicism, the Secretary for Education called amethyst stone, a symbol of the strength of the desire to overcome the popular sector. Almost all the bishops are made of wear amethyst rings. Europe's secret association - the "Rose Cross" member, then the amethyst symbolizes love, truth, passion, suffering and hope. And a long time, that the wine made with amethyst can drink from irrational people. Caesar fanaticism in amethyst, he sent thousands of workers to the Urals mining to search the Amethyst. In 1906 the Russian government had sold some of it, while some good collections were still stored in the Russian treasury. Others were printed on good amethyst crowned England mark. On the top of Wang, there is a 6-inch diameter balls, marking Christ above all else. Amethyst Princess of Wales carved pieces on the crown. Even today, the bishops in the cathedral of Rome when they make a solemn ceremony to wear amethyst rings, and also the pupil in religious celebrate something with amethyst glass to pour wine.

Beautiful amethyst, legends can bring luck and smart to people, with this wonderful power human beings can create a lot of incredible things. Many people understand the hidden crystal crust very rich content, in addition to the prestigious one place outside of Brazil, Russia, Madagascar, USA and Canada, South Korea and even China area, were found in the crystal. Quartz crystal itself, as in other minerals formed in the ground as most of the volcanic rock bed, and have experienced at least a thousand years or longer to form.

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