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  • Published January 30, 2011
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Long distance moving is not always a pleasant experience for everyone who is interested in moving mainly because they are dealing with unprofessional movers. Only the right moving company can help you to plan and organize your move properly. In fact, professional movers will be ready to offer all kinds of moving services and you can simply sit back and enjoy all your goods being moved as if by magic.

Before hiring movers, it is better to ask as many questions as possible. Only with these questions, you will be able to extract legitimate answers from the movers and you can then base your moving decision based on the answers. These days, movers don’t exactly tell you what services they provide and how much they cost. In fact, they need you to dig up for more information if you are serious about moving.

Background Information

It is similar to running your money down the toilet if you hire a mover without inquiring about the background information. You should ask the movers about their registration information. US DOT (US Department of Transportation) number is required for all movers carrying out long distance moving services. Movers should also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) approval to carry out moving. You should ask for referral information and talk to people who have used the moving service in the past.

Moving Expenses

Unless you ask detailed questions about the moving expenses, the moving companies won't be ready to indulge in the details. You should ask them about the rates and they will quote some price based on distance and weight of goods. You should ask the mover whether they will provide a binding estimate after inspecting your goods. Most legitimate companies provide this service at no additional cost. You should also ask about other additional moving services you may require and inquire about the cost involved. Ask for binding estimates from the movers and be prepared to negotiate with the movers.

Moving Services

You need to be aware of how the moving companies deliver moving services. Some companies simply hire subcontractors to do the work. In that case, you have to deal with different agencies if you have a problem. The movers should be transparent about their moving policies and you should know the details. Background checks on drivers and packing services will help you determine whether you can go ahead with the movers.


Professional moving companies will be ready to answer your questions regarding insurance policies of the company. Usually, insurance coverage is not provided for goods that are not packed professionally. If you do your own packing, ask the company whether minimum liability insurance is available for those goods. Even though the long distance moving company pushes one kind of insurance for your goods, you should probe about other types of insurance options. Always choose the option that is best suitable for your needs and don’t always trust your moving company to give the best suggestion. You should ask the movers about their processes when you have to claim insurance. The insurance claiming process must be simple and you should get the money you deserve.

Payment Policies

Moving companies that make long distance moves require you to pay the full moving cost before moving the goods. You need to ask the movers about different kinds of payment settlements. Usually, you have to pay through card or cash and some companies accept checks. Nowadays, moving companies want their customers to tip their company staff who help in the moving process. You need to ask the moving company about such expenses.

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