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  • Author Tricia Deed
  • Published February 18, 2011
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Your hobby of making jewelry is now a business you would like to pursue. Have you laid out your business plans and dreams? Do you have all your business ducks in a row and ready to enter the business world? As a jewelry designer, are you ready to seek fame and fortune?

Would you like to make a lot of money?

For many people making money is the primary goal for going into business and it will be up to you as to how large a business you would like to have. At each step of advancement money will follow.

Would you like to become famous as a world jewelry designer?

In the beginning we have high expectations of earning a great deal of money and hopefully becoming famous in our artistic pursuit. And in the jewelry designing business this can happen.

Would you like to be recognized and receive praise and recognition from the public?

Pick up any fashion magazine, Internet fashion news, television news, fashion programs and many more communication sources than I can list and you will see many famous jewelry designers making their mark in the fashion world.

Would you like to be successful?

After you have lived ten years, twenty years, thirty years, forty years or more and you look back on your business life will you feel that you were successful? This is a big question. Believe it or not, many people who have made money and have become world famous do not consider themselves successful.

If possible, jump your thinking and imagination into the future to review your business and personal life backwards. Not everyone can do this, however, do try this mental exercise.

The reason for posing this mental exercise is that when going into business there will be circumstances that you cannot control. Success will be your definition. Regardless of whether you become rich and famous, it is critical after all is said and done, you feel that your life was well spent and full of memories of a life well done and fulfilled.

Did you leave your footsteps in the sand?

We all live in the business world. Because artisans put much of their heart into producing our jewelry art we have the added advantage of giving love and beauty to another human being. Our definition of success will outweigh fame and fortune.

Start pursuing your dream of being able to operate your own business and seek your fame and fortune.

Become a jewelry designer today and seek your fame and fortune. Visit the home page of Tricia Deed at and review "The A-Z Steps to Becoming a Jewelry Designer"

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