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  • Published February 15, 2011
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Many girls have bought bracelets, but there is an embarrassing situation, which is the size or the style not suit them. The following recommendations can teach you how to buy a suit bracelet:

The first, Select the size of the mouth ring of jade bracelet

When the election, jade bracelets, jade bracelets to be able to wear into the four long fingers (except the thumb) and to the "tiger's mouth" at, I feel a little tight some, and then remove the bracelet, measure the diameter, for example, is just 55 mm, then the size is right for you I circle, some people like to wear was a little bit loose, the choice to select the I circle a large 1 to 2 mm, so that we can more easily put off by. Also some people used to wear a smaller bracelet, or wear is not going to take them down. In this case, can in turn will reduce the size of 1 to 2 mm. generally the choice, they would first try them on it. Try them when can put some detergent or soapy water in hand, and asked people to help with the point force the bracelets can be worn into the wrist.

The second, fashion jewelry bracelets

Wooden bracelets (characteristics: cool, simple), a simple material, coated with a thin layer of light oils, people clearly see the texture of the wood, bringing cool, rustic feel. "Flip" wood jewelry (Features: bright, gorgeous)

summer. The girls wrist often shine gloss, pearl, tortoise shell, glass and all kinds of gems, jade can play is the "flip" effect, with the guide: These materials are very bright, so will highlight in a bright spot with respect.

The third, different material bracelet

If the clothes are complex, at this time you should match with a simple bangle bracelet. And vice versa the main decorative silver (Features: Eclectic), silver bracelets, bracelets are never popular, but the focus of air has long been loved, shiny dazzling, plasticity strong preference for silver has been designer.

Silverware brings cool summer tactile feel most comfortable, eclectic design will also have an unexpected effect.

The fourth, pay attention to your wrist shape

The bracelet wear on your wrist, which easily attach people’s attention, at the same time, it will aspect your impression to others. So, the style of bracelet must match your wrist shape.

The slender wrist is the perfect one, all the bracelet styles are ok, the girls with slender wrist must be pride of that they can wear all kinds of theme chains.

Round arm girls can select a relatively wider theme chain, which is both characteristics and fashionable, besides, it can transfer people’s attention to the chain.

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