How To Use Bags To Dress Up

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  • Published February 4, 2011
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Bags can not only be used to store things, but also can show the status, economic condition, and personality of a person. A carefully chosen bag can make a person more enchanting. Beyond that, white-collar women.

Some women always use the same bags no matter what the situation they are in. Sometimes because of the unsuitable collocation, the person may look rather inharmonious with the situation. It is advisable to prepare several different bags which can be used in work time, in the spare time and in an evening party. The bag used in the work time need to be a bit big so that you can put more appliances in. But the bag should be in good taste and suitable to your working image. So a briefcase is of course the best choice for many white-collars.

However, if you feel that a briefcase is too hale and hearty, you can carry the briefcase and a satchel that can show the style of an charming woman. The benefit of such a dressing is obvious, namely, you can carry more stuff along with you. What's more, it will make you look more professional than carrying plastic bags. Back type leather bag should be used on the right shoulder by a woman. Because a woman usually walks on the right side of a man

When a woman applies for a job, she should never put the bag on the desk of the interviewer or carry it before her beast which is rather impolite. The right way is put it on the right leg. To an ordinary worker, it is wise not to carry a bag which is more expensive than the boss' into the office especially to the young people.

In your spare time, you can choose a fresh-colored, active-looking bag which is inharmonious with your emotion and dressing. However, if you go to an evening party, an exquisite and formal bag is the best choice, which is suitable to your formal attire and can show your respect to the master. A slivery bag is very appropriate for an evening party for it will give off your nobleness under the shine of light. A gentleman in the Western-style suit need not help his girlfriend carry the bag in order to win her favorable impression because the bag is part of her dressing. If a gentleman really want to show his bearing, he can help a lady carry the shopping bag or any othe heavy stuff.

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