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  • Author Ken Schmidt
  • Published February 11, 2011
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Many individuals world wide own second and even third homes. Unfortunately, many of these second residence owners do not get to make use of there vacation retreat as regularly as they'd like. Generally only a week out of the year or even less. Many owners contemplate whether to rent out there vacation residence to help off set costs and in some instances even cover all 1 of having a 2nd home.

There are millions of people all around the world that are ready and ready to lease your little piece of paradise for a week or more, sometimes for several months at a time. If you can rent your vacation house three to four months a year you possibly can typically cover all your expenses. Your 2nd residence then turns into a worthwhile investment with the fringe benefit of you being able to use your beautiful house when it's vacant, at no charge.

Such a deal is certainly not for everyone and plenty of rich individuals prefer to not go this route. But if your not one of the mega rich this is a nice solution to have a real estate investment, and as I stated, free use. When leasing a vacation property there a 1 essential points to think about. Lets take a look at each.

The 1st thing to consider is place. For your investment to work you have to own property where individuals need to go. Is your property located in Scottsdale Arizona or some distant place in Central America? Of course it is possible for you to rent both but Scottsdale will definitely draw from a much larger rental pool. Also keep in mind that most vacation houses are seasonal. Folks will gravitate to cool places in the Summer time and warm places within the winter. Of course there are exceptions to this such as ski properties in the Rocky Mountains where you would probably have renters wanting your property year round. These are all essential issues to think about plus it is advisable to have a 2nd home at a place where you wish to go to also!

The management company you choose is the other very important challenge to think about. Your 2nd home management Company could make or break you. Interview quite a few firms and positively ask for referrals. Do ALL the research necessary before you hire your firm. Ensure your home will be marketed and managed professionally. Normally you'll desire a management company that's established and has an excellent track record with your type of property. I can not emphasize this enough, it is the distinction between a great vacation dwelling experience and a literal night mare.

Ken Schmidt is active in the Phoenix vicinity real-estate market and specializes in golf residences and communities like Trilogy Power Ranch.

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