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  • Author Dave Noyes
  • Published February 12, 2011
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Michele Lee, creator of The Adventures of Supermom Blog, reviews Asheville jewelry store Jewels That Dance.

Michele's husband, Barry, finds just he right occasions to buy his wife jewelry from Jewels That Dance. He has managed to adorn her from ears to fingers with gifts, all with a special meaning.

Her pearl earrings were one of the first gift she received from Barry while they were dating. When he first presented saw the box, she didn't know what to think. In fact, she was probably ready to say "no" if what she thought was in the box was actually in the box! She was relieved to find the pearl earrings.

Later, however, her engagement ring and wedding ring both came from Jewels That Dance. At that point she was ready to accept them (probably much to Barry's relief).

Michele says when they visit the store they are treated like friends and family, not just another customer. When you walk into the store for the first time don't be surprised if you are treated the same way. She said, "Its because they want to know you to help you find just the right jewelry to fulfill your desire instead of just selling you a piece of jewelry."

"You will find jewelry at Jewels That Dance that you can't find anywhere else," Michele claims, "and the customer service is not like you will find anywhere else either," she added.

When she has gone into other jewelry stores in Asheville she has felt like she was being sold something or pushed towards an item she wasn't necessarily interested in because the staff had not taken the time to get to know her. This doesn't happen at her favorite store.

To this day Michele is always surprised and excited to see her favorite purple box from her husband. "It's always exciting because I never know what to expect," Michele says.

You are always welcome at Jewels That Dance where the atmosphere is professional, welcoming and relaxing.

We are located in Asheville, NC and carry lines from noted designers like Scott Kay, Sarah Graham, Simon G and our own Paula Dawkins. We invite you to follow our blog and new creations or our website

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