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  • Author Tracy Hou
  • Published February 19, 2011
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Searching for that perfect dress for the prom? You will find dresses which can be modest or bold, simply elegant to dramatic. Dresses set the mood for the evening when they reflect what you are feeling like that evening. They evoke a reply to the picture presented in that dress. Party dresses for girls are embellished with ribbons, trimmed with laces, appliqu work, in lovely colours and materials. Velvet, silk, tulle, cotton, chiffon, organza, etc. All dresses in the right season, in the right cut and stitch look divine. The dresses might have long sleeves, bell sleeves or be sleeveless. Try bubble skirts, poodle skirts, bells, align skirts and add a charm to the dress. Highlight the waist with sashes, belts or try low waist dresses.

Try chiffon party dresses with satin sashes with a satin or lace trimming around the neck. Add dramatic or gently swirling colours to your gown to make it adorable. Dressing by the theme is advisable. If you are planning for a Halloween celebration - check out the witch, the hag, the fairy, the elf, the Dracula, vampire or other get up. You could dress like Pirates of the Caribbean. If it is an expensive dress party and you are wondering what to wear - watch a lot of Walt Disney films and cartoons you're going to get some idea. Beauty of Beauty and the Beast, younger girls could try Minnie mouse, or how about a Pocahontas?

Ever tried making your own dress? Such as you can add to the look of your dress by choosing your accessories you may paint, embroider, appliqu your outfit or trim it with lace and fringes. If you need to dress your little infant girl - think of her as a doll and try all that's necessary to with filmy lacy clothes, bonnets and pretty shoes. Pretty pinafores with a nice hairdo and neat and cute shoes are great.

Don't girls like to emulate their moms? What about dressing them for a party complimenting their mothers dress? Give them, a miniature version of their mothers dress only cuter bows and shoes to make them look their age? How about cute funky prints like Winnie the Pooh and the Power Puff Girls for the young girls summer parties? Tiered dresses, layered tees, bubble dresses with the right type of embellishment or color are appropriate for any formal celebration.

Quite often simple dresses with cute prints which may be used casually for everyday wear can be highlighted with cute accessories like hair pins, bows, cute shoes, sashes, little earrings; etc can make your little girl look like an angel.

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