Indispensable Fashion Handbags With A Cause: A Declaration With Sense

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  • Published February 12, 2011
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Many women have a collection of fashion handbags hidden in their closet to use in various occasion. A true lady is never without a matching handbag to pair with an outfit. Surely you do not want to expose your beauty secrets in the open do you? Tuck in your vanity bag, comb, wallet and other gadgets in the purse and maintain your glamorous mystery.

Fashion is a statement. What we wear greatly dictates our interest, preference and advocacy. Handbags are part of fashion that promotes our personality. Recently fashion designers have realized this encouraging them to be very adventurous in incorporating various materials in their collection. Aside from the traditional leather, they have decided to adapt local materials such as natural fiber and straw to promote nationalism and ethnicity. This does not only serve its purpose as storage but promote the desired recognition of creativity and style.

Recently global warming has pushed them to be more creative. Bags made out of rags, used paper, candy wrappers and even tetra packs are now gaining attention in the global market. These are great replacement for snake skin and authentic leathers. It is not only fashionable but helps in lessen debris in our surrounding. It is very affordable and artistic. If we can dress up ourselves, why not care for Mother Earth right?

Choosing the perfect bag depends on the occasion, use, outfit and personality. It would be awkward to use a tote bag with a little black dress. It certainly would look silly to have a small bag when carrying more than just a purse, a mobile phone and a vanity kit. Learning to determine the use certainly helps in deciding what bag suits the day. Having three or more handbags in your closet can help match it with a wardrobe.

When choosing a bag, it would be best to match it with the occasion or use. Aside from color and design, bags should be able to deliver its function without affecting the rest of the outfit. You would not want to ramp the red carpet in a skimpy black dress with a back pack, right? Learning to incorporate it with the rest of the outfit would prevent others from criticizing the whole look.

Use a bag that can fit all your personal items. Make sure that it has a space to store big items that you usually use. It would be awkward to carry a large tote bag when you are only carrying a cell phone and vanity kit. Unless you have any intention of carrying other things in it, it would be wise to have something handier.

Some bags need expert care to clean. Leather, in particular, requires a certainly sheen to maintain. Improperly dealing with this material would lead to wrinkles and aging destroying the look of the bag. Straw bags on the other hand can be cleaned with soapy water. However avoid using a brush for those hard to reach parts. It would be best to use cotton buds instead. Dry thoroughly to avoid rot.

Avoid misplacing these bags though. Studies showed the handbag theft have increased throughout the years. Since it holds our personal items, it is a hot commodity for mischievous street hustlers. Keep it within reach when attending a specific occasion. Always make sure that it is zipped to avoid them from reaching in. When strolling in a crowded area, keep the bags in front to avoid it from being slashed. It would be best to be cautious than to be sorry.

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