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  • Author Mats Kinnison
  • Published February 18, 2011
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With many parts of the United States suffering from declining housing prices, increasing inventory, and fewer sales, Realtors can be wondering how they are going to survive.

A new year is upon us and I want to help you receive the information and tools that are going to help you thrive (even grow your business) in this economy. As I have watched the Realtors that I partner with in Utah continue to grow, I noticed 5 common behaviors among them and I would like to share those tips with you.

  1. It is not about the money, it all about your PURPOSE - I see too many agents who have a mission statement that involves how much money they are going to make. I usually see very little production from these types of people.

Those that I see growing their business are those that are focusing on how they can fill a need in the marketplace. When you focus on the needs of your market, the money will follow.

  1. Only "great" agents are going to thrive - There are plenty of opportunities all around, but only the great agents are going to grow their business. In a thriving economy, any Realtor can find deals. In times like this, you must have something that sets yourself apart and do it extremely well. Is it your client appreciation events? Database marketing? Niche in the community? What makes you "great"?

  2. Time block your way to success - If you do not have a scheduled plan for the day, you will flounder. The most successful real estate agents I know block out time for their non-negotiable tasks and they do not deviate from those critical tasks. If other items try to get in the way of that time, they delegate to a team member, or they will reschedule the time. Nothing should overlap your prospecting time.

  3. Lead generation - The most successful agents right now have a plan for generating new leads. You have to realize that there is not one right answer on how to do it. Some people are great at getting referrals from their database. Others are great at social media. Find something that works for you and consistently generate those leads.

  4. Find your efficiencies - In order to grow and do more, you must find ways to be more efficient than ever before. For some, you must embrace new technology to help you leverage your time. For others, it may mean making an investment in building a team to be able to free up more time.

These are the key characteristics I see of the most successful real estate agents. Good luck and happy selling!

Mats Kinnison is a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist in Utah. He created the website Utah Home Loan Pro to people in buying a home.

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