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  • Author Richard Soto
  • Published February 17, 2011
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The Dallas new home outlook for 2011 is on an upward trajectory. New homes, however, are undergoing a bit of a renaissance as buyers seek new design features for their homes. Downsizing is a good way to describe the Dallas new home outlook for 2011 because new homes are no longer about the pomp and circumstance and more about the substance.

Here are our top trends for the Dallas new home outlook for 2011:

• Kiss superfluous rooms, such as home theaters and dressing rooms, good-bye. In short, buyers are asking builders for usable, practical homes that better suit their scaled-down lifestyle. The International Builders Show in Las Vegas recently reported that most home buyers are seeking "authenticity" for their new home, making the Dallas new home outlook for 2011 more about usable space and less about appearances.

• Cost-effective architecture is the name of the game when it comes to Coppell Texas real estate. Therefore, buyers are often seeking smaller homes with a lower price point. New homes throughout Dallas, however, are certain to have large gathering spaces for entertaining family and friends, showing a trend toward the comfort of the home environment.

• Flexible space is important for today’s new home buyers. Buyers want a space that can serve double duty, which is particularly important given that the Dallas new home outlook for 2011 is all about smaller, scaled back homes. A casual living room, in favor of a formal one, is a common sight, as are large kitchens with center islands that serve as a gathering place for family and friends.

• Dallas homes for sale often feature energy efficient appliances, low-E windows and efficient insulation. In short, Dallas buyers want to know that their new homes can provide cost savings. Dallas buyers of new homes are also looking for recycled, repurposed materials, such as flooring and countertops.

• Because there is a shift to working from home, it only makes sense that the Dallas new home outlook for 2011 calls for a home office or study. In fact, it is quite common for home buyers to swap out formal spaces, like living and dining rooms, for less formal spaces like home offices.

• Because many new home buyers of today are empty nesters and baby boomers, there is a shift toward main-floor master suites. Another popular trend includes main-floor laundry rooms, as well, as more empty nesters are seeking single-level living.

• Outdoor spaces continue to take shape because of the shift toward staying at home and being with friends and family. Outdoor living rooms as therefore quite popular for new homes.

• Outdoor hardscaping and landscaping remains a top priority when it comes to Dallas new homes, which, again, points to the trend of staying at home and enjoying the home life.

• Brick and stone exteriors are taking the place of stucco and vinyl, as more new home buyers seek traditional, classic materials that can stand the test of time. Brick and stone exteriors also speak to the traditional styling many new home buyers are seeking.

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