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  • Author Nikki Hernandez
  • Published March 9, 2011
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It is easy to know if the dress you are wearing is 80’s inspired because 80’s themed dresses display uniqueness in prints, styles, cuts, and shapes. The dresses are naturally loud, bold, and big with its array of colors that shows charisma and attitude.

Dresses that compliment the shape well are those wrap around dresses with slouches. They fit snugly on the body, especially if there is a sewed in belt or even a detachable wide belt. The dresses boast of loud prints and bright colors. This style of clothing allows the figure to be expressed.

However, clothing shape and how it fits to the body is not really the determining factor of the style back in the 80’s. The style became much more important because of the idealism that was created as a result of the many icons that were very popular during that decade. Since a lot of people loved these 80’s dresses, its revival hasn’t stopped as it grew back in modern day fashion.

Prom dresses in the 80’s are usually worn today in costume parties. These dresses are in vibrant shades usually layered with tons of gold and silver sequins to add to the elegance of the dresses, giving it a bit of pizzazz. These dresses also come with shoulder pads, ruffles, and layers. Wear the 80’s signature electric blue eye shadow; it completes the look.

Dresses worn daily were designed with prints that will make your nose bleed because of nostalgia. The vintage style of polka dots and floral prints are so loud, you didn’t have to match it up with accessories. These dresses can be perfectly worn today as if 80’s was just yesterday. Pair it with a plain blazer and you’re good to go.

Off shoulder and one shoulder blouses are still sexy and will never go out of style. Back in the 80’s it looked terribly mesmerizing when worn with a big hairdo. But I’m afraid the same spell won’t work today anymore. So instead, be simple. The dress will do its own magic.

Whether you’re going for a walk in the park or a romantic date, with the right pairing of accessories with an 80’s dresses you’ll be defined as glamorous, charming and captivate everyone around you.

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