Black Mold Growing From Flooded Areas

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  • Author Robert Smith
  • Published February 20, 2011
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Desert cities, such as Las Vegas, Highland, and San Diego are accepting heavy flooding and property damage. Last years rainfall in So Cal has created severe damage is areas of Orange, Riverside, and San Diego Counties. Highland, California was especially hit hard. The Governor recently declared many of these areas states of emergency. Only 12 years on record have been soggier than this year in the last century for some cities in Southern California. Mud slides, record snow in Mammoth, land slides and heavy flooding all were left in the wake of the recent rainstorms.

The pounding downpour has stopped The restoration is visible in some parts of the flooded areas. Insurance companies have been contacted and residents trying to get things back to normal. Now that the mud, water, and soggy carpet is gone and the place is drying, how should your contractor to put your place back together? This whole process takes quite a bit of time and the back to back rain storms and flooding did not help. Teams are now at work restoring the damage nature had brought last year.

Most major insurance companies have contacts with whom they rely on to repair claims. Remediation is commonly done on water damaged properties. Property owner sometimes do simple restoration on their own. This is a good way to build back some of the equity that has been washed away by the bursting of the housing bubble. It is no secret that Californians need all the help they can get after recent tragedies. Looking to a strapped State coffer and a rising federal deficit may not provide the boost needed for many areas.

The professionals know that mold and mildew will be growing right away if the humidity is not kept at an optimal level or if the water has compromised the wood in the sub-floor or wall studs. Other pests can create areas prone to mold and mildew growth. Good luck with the repairs and always remember to call a mold inspector to get help if you find yourself dealing with a mold or water damage issue. Toxic black mold can be one problem that you don’t need to deal with in the New Year.

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