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  • Author Nikki Hernandez
  • Published February 20, 2011
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Shoes were never left out in the flair of fashion back in the 80’s. If you think that only dresses was the most noticeable ensemble in the body during that decade (aside from the big hair) then you’re wrong. The shoes complemented what was worn, completing it.

The 80’s, known to be the decade of excess made sure that plain, dark colored clothing and shoes were kept under lock and key while those vividly colored were showcased on the streets.

A lot of popular shoes of the 80’s can still fit in modern day fashion. Listed below are the shoes that were really popular in the 80’s, some are still until now.

Jelly Shoes – They come in a variety of colors. Black or white, pastels, or even neon. These shorts are perfectly worn casually. It could fit well with shorts and t-shirts, tank tops and miniskirts, and pretty summer dresses. With a variety of colors you can pick one that will match your clothes.

These shoes are made from jelly rubber, a PVC type of rubber. The name suggests a soft jelly but you will be surprised that when worn for long periods of time, they could be uncomfortable as the material is quite hard.

Sneakers – Converse, Keds, Reebok and Adidas were the popular brand of sneakers that were very popular in the 80’s which I’m glad to say is still very popular today. These shoes were worn with colorful shoelaces. The shoes were glittery and with colorful patterns. Some even came with studs and rhinestones. People who didn’t even work-out loved sneakers with straps such as the Reebok Hightops. They were worn not only for aerobics but also casually. These sneakers matches denim skirts and jeans.

Pumps – Found in almost every woman’s wardrobe. These kind of shoes will never get out of style. In the 80’s these shoes are so loud paired with frilly and colorful clothing. Neon pumps looked great with glittered leggings. Pumps matches with almost anything. It is perfect for work clothes, party dresses, date night ensemble, and casual afternoons. Different colored pumps are paired with colorful glitzy clothes, without care for matching.

With these 80’s inspired foot wears, you can confidently go out and have fun.

The 80's style lingers. To find out how to fuse it to your clothing, check these helpful websites: http://80scasuals.org/ and http://www.80scostumeideas.org/

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