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Florida real estate offers a wide assortment of residential properties for those who want to start a new life. This region provides a suitable environment for raising families or retirement - perfect homes and facilities in the surrounding area, but in order to ensure a comfortable and convenient environment for both you and the rest of the household, then you need to look for the perfect home that will provide for all of your needs.

Single Family Home

The most popular residential units are single family homes. These homes are commonly found in locations that are away from the hustle and bustle of city life, ensuring a peaceful and quiet atmosphere for a relaxing lifestyle.

Single family homes vary in size and price. They offer many amenities which include a detached yard; some have swimming pools and covered lanais or screened porches.

One can get the most privacy with this type of edifice; there are some communities of single family homes which offer deed restrictions and or are gated, therefore research needs to be done prior to purchasing that the subdivision suits the buyer’s needs.


A condominium is one of a group of housing units where each homeowner owns their individual unit space, and all the dwellings share ownership of areas of common use. The individual units normally share walls, but that isn't a requirement. The main difference between condos and regular single homes is that there is no individual ownership of a plot of land. All the land in the condominium project is owned in common by all the homeowners. Usually, the exterior maintenance is paid for out of homeowner dues collected and managed under strict rules. The exterior walls and roof are insured by the condominium association, while all interior walls and items are insured by the homeowner.


Smaller home on a small lot, may share side wall with another home.

Zero-lot line Home

It is a house positioned near or on top of the lot boundary lines, resulting in little or no space between houses.


A townhouse is one of a row of homes sharing common walls. Differing from condominiums, townhouse ownership does include individual ownership of the land. There can also be common elements, such as a central courtyard, that would have shared ownership.

Co Op

A type of common property ownership, such as when the residents of a multi-unit housing complex own shares in the corporation that owns the property, rather than owning their own units.

Planned Unit Development or PUD

A project or subdivision that has individually owned parcels and homes, together with recreational or landscaping elements owned by a homeowners association and managed for the mutual benefit of all homeowners. A majority of these can be one story villas (which can be attached or detached buildings resembling single family homes or duplexes, depending on the community), single family homes, and multi story town homes ( which are usually two- three stories high and are attached buildings except for the corner units). The advantage of these properties are that the amenities which are comprised of the common areas like the pool, landscaping and/or playgrounds etc., depending on the type of PUD it is, are managed with the homeowner association dues. Other items which can be included in the dues are basic cable, water, trash, sewer, exterior insurance and the maintenance of roof on the building. Each PUD has individual deed restrictions and the amenities covered vary depending on the rules of the complex.

55 and over Retirement Communities

These communities have a minimum age requirement, usually at least one of the owners and residents have to be a minimum of 55 years old and older and as a result, a large portion of residents will be 55 years old and over. In fact, the communities cater to younger seniors through a wide variety of activities especially physically with pools, golf courses, tennis courts, etc. These communities are dependent on these seniors to form the huge variety of clubs, activities, and leadership. Ask to be certain it is an over 55 community. They are governed by bylaws and deed restrictions.

This is an overview of the more common types of properties available in this area of Florida. All of the properties are individual and the rules may vary with each one. Please be sure to read the written homeowner rules, deed restrictions and bylaws etc., which are especially written to govern each community before you make a decision to purchase.

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