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  • Author Nikki Hernandez
  • Published February 22, 2011
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Wondering what costume to wear that would make you fabulous? It is simple especially in an 80’s inspired party: Go to the party in an 80’s prom dress. You will have all the fabulousness you asked and everyone’s eyes will be on you.

Although looking for a prom dress is kinda’ hard, unless you have a mom that is active in fashion and who might still have her prom dress. If she had already ditched it, there are more ways in acquiring it. You can search for thrift stores or in online stores that sell costumes. Making up one on your own is hard, I suggest that you shouldn’t even think about it.

80’s designed dresses are usually designed with puffy sleeves so you should find one that looks like it. Also, make sure that the dresses have bright shades. Pick colors such as teal, purple, blue and hot pink. Get one that has loud designs like polka dots and stripes. Also for added design, get one that has ruffles and big bows.

For the shoes, pumps were a hit back in the 80’s. Get a pair that matches the color of your dress.

The accessories are very important to complete this costume. Today’s popular phrase ‘less is more’ doesn’t apply back in the 80’s. Don’t hesitate to mix and match jewelries and other accessories. Actually, you are not really required to mix and match, you’d still look good wearing a lot of contrasting accessories.

Also, rhinestones were very popular back then so consider wearing big rhinestone pendants and earrings. Wear several bangles on one wrist and don’t forget the flower corsage on the other. The corsage is a must have.

Achieve the 80’s hair by wearing it big. Aside from backcombing, there is also another way to get frizzy hair, and that is to use crimpers and lots of hairspray. Wear a big bow or a headband that matches your dress or you may wear a tiara if you wish.

Complete the look by wearing a sash on brandishing you as a prom queen and a scepter.

Looking for more tips in 80's costume designing? Check out these websites: http://www.80scostumeideas.org/ and http://80scasuals.org/

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