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  • Published February 25, 2011
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Fenway Apartments can be exciting to rent, even for people who aren't fans of the Red Sox. The idea of living so close to Fenway Park is reason enough for some people, but others love the neighborhood just the same for its many other great attractions. As one of the only middle-class areas in Boston, this highly sought-after neighborhood is home to many students, and offers much in the way of nightlife, parks, and culture. The many apartment buildings that line the streets are among the many features that make this beautiful area a unique and fun place to live. Here are some of the attractions that draw residents to the Fenway area:

Student Life

Since there are so many colleges in and around Boston, these Boston Luxury Apartments have become home to many students. Students from Northeastern, Boston College, and Boston University all call this area home, and find many advantages to living in this beautiful area. The location makes for easy access to their schools; in addition, students love living in the vibrant atmosphere, which features close proximity to nightlife and other entertainment available in the area. Perhaps of greatest importance to students is the surprising affordability of most Fenway apartments.


Many young adults are attracted to the Fenway area simply because of its exciting nightlife. There are sports bars and pubs aplenty in the surrounding area of Fenway Park. The bars offer a fun way to watch the game, but for those who aren't so interested in spots, there are other things to do as well. Some sports bars offer live music, and many of these bars also serve food. Bowling and playing a few rounds of pool are also popular forms of nearby entertainment.


There are some people who would argue that there isn't a need for any other park outside of Fenway Park! However, there are a great number of people who live in Fenway apartments simply because of their proximity to other, quieter, parks. The Fenway neighborhood is also home to a piece of The Emerald Necklace, which is the famous waterway/parkway combo that runs throughout Boston. The park offers beautiful scenery, a gorgeous view, and plenty of space to enjoy a picnic, a quiet walk, or a rest on the beautiful green grass.

Fenway Cultural District

Fenway Apartments are conveniently located near the Fenway cultural district. This area is home to one of the largest museums in the United States: The Museum of Fine Arts. This museum stands alongside many other cultural centers, including the Boston Symphony Hall, and Jordan Hall. Whether it is music, theater, or museums that you are interested in, you're likely to find it in the Fenway cultural district. Living nearby so many cultural attractions is a rare and special treat for anyone that is passionate about the arts.

Finding something to do in the Fenway area is not difficult at all. The locals love everything about living in this area, from the happening nightlife, to the quieter parks and cultural areas. As a result, this neighborhood is considered one of the top-rated places to live in the Boston area. Take some time to look around the Fenway area, and see in person why so many people love to call the Fenway area their home!

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