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  • Published March 16, 2011
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The news of the depleting fossil fuel reserve has started a frenzy of pursuits as humanity tries to discover an substitute energy source that will also be sustainable. Sustainable is used in the sense that the new source of power will be ever available and will not bring about undue harm to the environment, given the dwindling energy source utilized today and its significant contribution to global warming, respectively.

What many individuals did not understand is that the most sustainable power source has been staring them straight in the face all along. Even the ancient folks were sensible enough to think of the sun as a sustainable energy source. Now, the sun powered technology has been brought to the houses for households to enjoy and utilize to their advantage.

Before joining the hoards of sun-powered hungry people, it is best to be well-versed about the technology to maximize your investment should you decide to have one installed in your homes. The following are frequently asked questions about solar in home:

What is solar energy and power? People may think the two terms to be interchangeable, but there exists a distinction between the two. Solar energy refers to the light and/or heat coming from the sun; solar power, on the other hand, refers to the converted and usable energy from the sun. Although there are two ways to harvest energy from the sun—through concentrated solar power (CSP) and photovoltaics (PV)—the common way is using the PV system. This refers to the use of solar panels installed in the homes.

How does the solar in home work? Despite the complexity of how resources tackle the topic about how the sun's energy is converted to usable form, the system is actually easy to understand. Basically, the panels harvest the light and/or heat from the sun. This is then stored in batteries installed within the homes and connected to the electrical system for later use.

How can you benefit from having this system in your home? You might have heard how costly it is to get this type of power system as compared to relying on the energy supplied by your electrical company. However, if you think of the long-term savings you will get, then a this system is definitely more cost-effective. There are states that actually give incentives in the form of electrical bill refund for homes with a sun powered system. Another obvious advantage is that you will help in lessening the environmental problem of global warming, which is causing all the weather mix-up felt lately.

Installing solar in home makes sense in todays economy. Solar home cost is very affordable.

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