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  • Author Devin Murray
  • Published February 27, 2011
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Two questions to ask any custom luxury home builder during the interview process are how many custom homes they build in a year and how long they have been building. These questions are somewhat related and help give you insight into your prospective home builder.

Home Many Home in a Year

This will give you a great idea about the type of builder you are talking to, are they a small “one person” operation or a large group. There is not one right or wrong answer to this question, this is more above giving you a feel for how the home builder operates.

A custom builder who builds only one or two homes a year is more likely to a craftsman about the process and you will probably work more closely with them. This type of builder will become a friend who you are in constant contact and they will understand and your wishes well.

A residential home builder who does many luxury homes a year will often be quicker and may be able to get small price breaks in supplies because they are buying in bulk. However, because they will have team of workers you may end up dealing with several different contact points before the end of work.

How long have you been building

Asking how long a builder has been building and how long they have been building custom luxury homes will give you an idea of their experience level. Obviously the longer a builder has been at their trade the better they will be and the better they will be at estimating costs and handling issues.

Along the same line the longer a builder has been building homes the better equipped they will be to help you.

It is important to ask about both how long they have been building and how long they have been build residential homes. As construction has slowed down, many builders who had been doing commercial projects are now willing to take on residential work to keep busy. Although these builders may have decades of experience they may not have the experience to deal with building the home you will live in.

When asking how long a builder has been in their trade and how many homes they do a year you are looking to find both a good fit for you and your personality, and a builder who has the experience to get the job done.

Devin Murray is a construction professional and author who writes articles designed to help custom luxury home buyers find the right builder. To find more powerful questions to ask any builder visit

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