5 Reasons Why Dominican Republic Real Estate is Popular

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  • Author Jackson Brown
  • Published February 28, 2011
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If you were a property entrepreneur looking for the best region to place your bet on, Dominican Republic real estate will inevitably make head-way into that thought of yours. That word-of-mouth popularity is possibly, the first basic reason, why the region has become so popular among foreign and domestic investors alike.

However, unlike the superficial reasons that even the inane buyers can see and enjoy, the property entrepreneurs have identified an umpteen number of reasons why the Dominican Republic real estate has bagged so many investments and real estate catches in the recent past.

Let’s dwell on some of these factors in detail –

  1. The Ambient Awesomeness – What sets the Dominican Republic real estate from the varied property-earmarked regions in the world is the ambiance. From lustful, white-waved seas & pristine beaches to a fantastic friendly native people, entrepreneurs can fit in here with aplomb – especially the ones coming here from foreign lands. This is exactly why when property investments have dried up in the US & Europe, the sector is booming here in this island country.

  2. Phenomenally Improving Property Prices – With the recession over, many investors are still lining up for the properties in the island country instead of those in Europe or the Americas. The reason is simply put, the low-cost, high-value real estate prices in the region. What could be more alluring for any property agent in town than that?

  3. Strength of the Resale Value – Caribbean real estate agents have been in the limelight for over half-a-decade now – more so because of the high resale value of the properties they manage than their skill-sets! The Dominican Republic real estate arena has estates worth millions that would multiply by the dozen within a couple of years or so – and hence has been attracting foreign investments like moths to a light.

  4. Absence of Legal & Bureaucratic Red Tape – Unlike other countries where bureaucratic red tape and legal issues often hold up foreign investments in properties in the region, Dominican Republic provides a clean route for foreign entrepreneurs as far as legal hassles are concerned. Again, a viable reason why the small country is making big leaps as far as enjoying entrepreneurial revenue in real estate markets is taken into account.

  5. The Contemporary Scenario – Now that the property market is recovering from the shock that the global recession had on it, cheaper (although much more value-oriented) real estate markets, such as in the Caribbean regions as well as the Dominican Republic real estate scenario are constantly gaining ground. And for these small island nations, the huge popularity among the European & American investors is a boon for their economic revival.

And if you look closely, the dependence is two-sided. For as much as the Dominican Republic real estate segment trusts the inflow of foreign investment in the Caribbean property sectors, the entrepreneurs also have a potential for reaping rich rewards in the form of revenue and resale money from the sector.

All in all, the Dominican Republic real estate sector has become the focal point for the throbbing Caribbean property gamble, and most foreign investors are singing to that tune too!

Jackson is a veteran reviewer on the Dominican Republic real estate sector, and has been keeping a tab on the Caribbean real estate market for over a decade now.

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