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  • Published March 19, 2011
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To have all the attention on you because of being a hot rock god, you should prepare for a badass Guns N’ Roses lead vocalist Axl Rose costume. To pull of the costume, you should imbibe the attitude and transform like this cool singer. If you are the shy type, don’t worry, with the right look you will feel so much better and will boost up your self confidence.

Below are the tips to make sure that you get the right Axl Rose look and persona, it is pretty simple compared to other 80’s inspired costumes.

Let us start with the hair. Axl Rose has a long flowing straight hair. If your hair is not as long as his, you should definitely get a long blond wig. Let your long hair flow on the sides of your face and get a red bandana to tie around your forehead. To get Axl’s style, place shades atop the bandana.

Next is the top. There is a wide array of styles to choose from. Axl didn’t stick to just one signature outfit like other band vocalists of his time. Some of the tops you can choose from are ripped shirt, or a simple white shirt with the sleeves ripped, a black tight fitting shirt, a leather jacket or vest with nothing underneath. Remember that if you have a lean body, you should flaunt it.

The same is for the bottom; your choice if you would like to wear leather pants, denim jeans, black pants, and ripped jeans or shorts. Anything could work, really. But if you really want to get attention, choose the leather pants.

For the shoes, pick if you would like to wear black boots or cowboy boots.

To complete the Axl Rose costume, you must have these accessories: A long chain necklace, several leather bracelets, tattoos (could be fake if only for the night), and several rings.

Now you’re all set, just make sure that you do the next tips to make the chicks go crazy: have a microphone ready, practice your vocal chords, and grind your hips all night long.

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