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  • Published March 8, 2011
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You most likely spend lots of your time in the bathroom however I believe it may not be the nicest looking room in your own home. Normally the bathroom appears to be quite simple and more like a healthcare facility bath rather than a room in a comfy residence. We take a shower, shave and relax the day's tensions away in the bathtub, rich in bubbles as well as aromatic natural oils. Is there an excuse why this valuable room does not deserve your attention? This short article gives points and also suggestions to make your bathroom more pleasing.

Most people often forget that when visitors show up they will in most cases see the bathroom therefore , one other reason why you may want to make it look nice! It doesn't matter if you've less or perhaps more than enough room, you can try lots of things to provide a whole new appearance!

Is your bathroom big enough only for the needs? Visually open up the little space by painting walls a light, soft pastel shade. You should keep any items visible in light colored hues! If you have shelves or any other object that sticks out from the walls, remove them. This will give a lot cleaner look which in exchange will give the feeling of more space. Adding mirrors and more sources of light can also help.

For the floors, keep things light as well. Using a light colored linoleum or ceramic tile could make the room look larger.

With a larger bath, you have more options. If you want a rich, elegant look, use dramatic color on the walls and add accents. A rich burgundy wall accented with deep hues of blue and green is beautiful in a bath. The shower curtain, towels and other fabrics should align with the walls. For extra appeal you could frame your mirror with molding for example. In a large bath stripes and bold florals can do miracles.

Large baths can be given a fresh look with bold and dramatic floors. Intricately decorated ceramic tile adds even more depth and a rich, warm appeal.

It doesn't matter if the room is large or small you can always add pictures. In smaller rooms the pictures should be light colored with metal frames or without any frames. In larger bathrooms it's really up to you what you'd like to use: dramatic, embellished frames that add to the rich and bold look or something else.

In small bathrooms, minimize clutter. The top of the vanity should be left bare, with all necessities such as toothpaste, shaving cream and lotions stored underneath. This will give a clean and open appearence Spacious bathrooms look stunning with decoration of candles and plants. Candles will also give a very nice and friendly smell to the whole room.

Whether your bath is small or large, consider stenciling patterns on the walls, or use a feather duster to create softly edged abstract patterns. Just remember to keep paint colors light in the small bath.

Don't forget about your bath! It is one of the most frequented rooms of your home, and visitors are impressed when you take the time to make this room comfortable and stylish. Put these tips and ideas to work for you, and your bathroom will be anything but average and dull!

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