Perfect Fit Blinds - how do I adjust them on a high roof?

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  • Author Colin Staplehurst
  • Published March 19, 2011
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Here is one of the most frequently asked questions we get from our clients: We've got a high roof how can I adjust the blinds?

Well, with your blinds we supply an adjustment rod, this enables you to draw the blinds. The pole is up to two metres long but it can be cut to a more suitable length as needed.

You locate the pole on the tab on the movable end of the pleated blind and twist it to lock in position. You will hear the click as it locks on to the blind. You will find that the blind supports the pole so it won’t fall off! Now using two hands hold the pole firmly by putting one hand on the free end and the other at half way up. Make sure you keep the pole at square to the blind and push the moving edge of the blind to where you want it. When completed, just twist the pole in the other direction to unlock it. Then you can go on to adjust the next blind.

To store the pole it is best to fix a pipe clip to the wall in a corner of the conservatory, you will find this conveniently grips the pole when it is not in use.

Of course when you are considering which sort of roof blinds you would like for your conservatory do take account of the following as it could save you a lot of expense.

There are two main things to think over, firstly, you may be able to find motorised roof blinds on the market, the downside of which is reliability & cost. Typically motorised blinds will cost as much as 2 or 3 times that of Perfect Fit clip in blinds.

Secondly from our experience most people only adjust their blinds on 3 to 4 occasions each year! Do consider that the blinds keep the heat out in summer and the warmth in during winter, so why move them!

One of the other issues to consider is where are the electric power wires going to go? Roof blinds are usually not battery operated which means that the system needs to be mains operated. In turn this implies wires going around the conservatory to each blind. The wires are normally housed in a separate channel going around the conservatory and these lead down to the transformer before reaching the mains outlet.

So is the additional cost and inconvenience worth it?

Hope that helps should you need any further advise don’t hesitate to get hold of us though our website

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