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  • Published March 7, 2011
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In many homes, the attic is the perfect place to store seasonal items and boxes of heirlooms for children to someday own. This dark and stuffy area of the home is typically visited not very often because it is primarily a storage place. Despite its low traffic, it is important that it can be easily accessed if the homeowner needs to put something in it. Attic access ladders are the ideal way to get things in and out of an attic without too much trouble. Some people choose to use a traditional ladder instead but they are difficult to maneuver and set up each time the loft needs to be opened. Using one designated for attics is easier to use and also much safer.

The primary reason that most homeowners avoid purchasing an access ladder for their attics is because they are afraid of the work it will need to be installed. However, it is actually very simple to put one together. Whether ordered online and arrived in a dismantled package or purchased from a department store, they have few parts and can be put in with only two people. Typically, attic ladders can go from being in the package to being installed fully in less than a hour.

Another reason that some homeowners choose not to purchase a ladder for their loft is because they do not think they will use it enough. The work it takes to put up a ladder and move it to the spot is actually very strenuous for smaller people and it is also not very supportive. Using a traditional ladder instead of one built for attics means that the person climbing up could easily topple over and become injured. An attic access ladder is attached to the opening of the attic and will not fall over when people are climbing up or down.

If a home has an attic that is used frequently, it is important that there are access steps attached to it. Some people are afraid that they will be too expensive or require too much work to install, but in reality it is actually fairly simple to put it together and get it installed and ready to go. Once the ladder is installed, a person can easily get into their attic without needing to set up a separate ladder and risk becoming injured for it toppling over. So install one today and enjoy the extra storage space with easy access and safety in mind.

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