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you are looking to add a Greek Helmet to your collection, or are looking at a Trojan helmet to buy to help cheer your team name on, then you'll be in for a real treat when researching what helmet to buy. Many schools have the Trojan as their maskot, so that right there takes a large amount of the searches done for Greek helmets. Others are historical enthusiasts looking to bolster their collection.

What do you think of when someone says "Greek Helmet"? The first thing that pops into your head is a picture of a Spartan soldier, complete with a red cape, round, bronze shield, long spear, and a bronze or brass helmet with the ever-so popular plume. Fortunately, stores have recognized this fact and this type of helmet is widely carried online and in brick-and-mortar stores. Commonly names as the Italic Corinthian helmet or just plainly a Spartan helmet, this replica will be a great addition to your collection. What you'll most likely see are three types of helmets: a brass helmet with tan or red plume, a black helmet with a tan plume, or a silver (plain metal) helmet with a tan plume.

Most Greek helmets will look like the Italic Corinthian design, which is characterized by a tall plume that may be made into a pony tail at the end. It also has the long cheek guards with a slot in the middle for maximum air flow. It also will be a tan plume, red, or black. Depending on the color of the rest of your outfit (black, brass, or bronze armor), any of these plume colors will do. The most popular out their for the Italic Corinthian is going to be the tan and red plumes.

Another popular Greek helmet is the Hoplite helmet. The Hoplite was a common soldier for the Greek armor and they carried the recognizable white round shield and a long spear. They were excellent for repelling cavalry and charges by soldiers. However, being not very maneuverable, they were vulnerable to attacks in the rear. The hoplite helmet usually has a tan or whitish color plume. Often times it was made into a braided pony tail at the end of the plume.

The main thing to remember when looking at Greek helmets is that many of them look very similar. This is most likely a good thing when you are doing your historical research or are looking for a helmet to purchase. Even if you accidently buy a helmet that is not quite historically accurate, your helmet will look similar enough to the others that the general populace will not know the difference.

The hoplite helm is available today at many online stores. It is a standard silver, made out of metal, and has a long tan plume. There were many other types of specific Greek helmets, but these are the most common and basic used by the ancient armies. Some of the best replicas Greek helmets made today are hand-made by a Indian manufacturer called Al-Hamdd Trading Post. Armor Venue and Armadillo Armory are the major importers of their products.

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