Why should One Not Use Actual Wood to Make the Wood Flooring of Your Room?

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  • Author David Khan
  • Published March 8, 2011
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Ever wondered how would your house look with the floor made in wood work? Everyone has the memories of the old villas and houses and the thought of how the floor paneling makes them look enigmatic and luxurious is always of a curious nature? If you are a fan of classic literature, then whether it is Wuthering Heights or Sherlock Holmes, you would always read about the floors being made of wood and the vivid imagery that the writers create make you wonder how would your own house look with wood flooring.

Now you do not have to look far for the answer. One of the first things that you need to do is to look on the internet for all the available makers of the wood flooring. These websites will give you an insight of what types of wood flooring features are available and also where all can these wood flooring types be installed. The wood flooring is available for home use in the laminated floor form is a much convenient option for every one.

Consider the wood flooring which requires the installation of actual wood work. This would cost you a lot and also will be a time consuming process. Consider for example say that you have to get the wood flooring installed in your drawing room. This process will start with the removal of the tiles or the regular flooring that there is so that space is created for the woodwork to be installed. If not you can leave the previous floor be. However in certain cases, basis the judgment of the person who would get the real-wood wood flooring installed, the original form of the floor might have to be chipped or taken off basis the need-to-do. This process will surely give way to new wood flooring in actual wood but will render the room out of commission for the duration the wood flooring in its actual form does not get installed. Have you considered the idea of the wood flooring with actual planks and the like; be installed over the floor that you already have? It can be done but it will surely raise the floor height by a couple of inches and again in the process the room will be rendered unusable for sometime.

Then let us indulge in the thought of the maintenance of the wood flooring with wood panels. This will require careful shifting of heavy objects with the risk of a part of this wooden flooring getting chipped off because of rough usage. Then there is always a risk of splinters being around. You can have a carpet on such a floor but wood flooring made of actual wood requires immense care. You have to ensure that the planks are cleaned regularly and with the carpet in place, you will have the additional task of the removal of the carpet to clean the floor whenever you have to.

Finally the cost of wood flooring using wood is huge as against the lamination wood flooring. All the above mentioned 'side effects' of installing actual wood flooring in the house are eliminated if you opt for a roll of laminated sheets instead.

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