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  • Published March 1, 2011
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Being married to a military member is not easy, especially if they are often deployed somewhere around the world. It’s hard on the family members left behind, but it’s also hard on the military member, too. With the current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, deployments are long and lonely. If you want to show your support for your husband or wife with a great military gift, check out some of the ideas below.

Military Jewelry Is Always Well Received

It doesn’t matter if your spouse is a husband or a wife; military jewelry is quite fitting for both genders. There is just something about the inherent beauty of a military ring, a pendant, or a watch that seems to evoke feelings of pride and honor. For today’s military members, it’s important that you show your gratitude and understanding for what they experience each day. This isn’t just for the members in the middle of a desert or in combat areas. This is for everyone who serves this country with honor, dedication, and commitment.

The military ring is one of the most popular of all military gifts. With three different styles available, there is certainly one that suits your spouse. The first style is quite formal, as it looks like a class ring. It has the beautiful semi-precious stone on top, with emblems and engraving down the sides. The second type of ring is a wonderful accent piece, especially with a military dress uniform. Reminiscent of a signet ring, the military branch crest is usually on top and the sides are plain. This style has clear, strong lines and is a favorite of many. The final style has the beauty of a signet ring, but also incorporates personalization options. These include adding emblems, symbols, and insignias on the sides of the ring. The inside of the ring may be engraved, too. Add a short message with special meaning or place your spouse’s initials inside the band. The military ring is truly one of the most impressive military gifts you can give today.

Military Clothing

Hats, jackets, t-shirts, ties, and bandanas are all quite popular as military gifts. Most military members have at least one hat that references their branch or unit. T-shirts with humorous sayings are also quite popular. Embroidered jackets can include the service member’s name and rank on the front and the unit emblem on the back. The possibilities are quite endless.

Military Retirement Gifts

Perhaps your spouse is ready to retire from the military. This retirement calls for special gifts to commemorate the event. Consider a shadow box or a display case. These can contain special patches, medals, photos, or other important mementos from the years of service. An engraved plaque is a nice touch, as are engraved desk sets or a branch or unit flag. Don’t let this opportunity to show your love and support pass by.

In Closing

Military gifts are important way to show your love, support, and understanding for what servicemen and women go through each day. There are numerous gifts available, so be prepared to spend a bit of time finding just the perfect one.

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