How Photovoltaic Solar Panels Work

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  • Published March 22, 2011
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Most solar panels are a clear protective layer on the top of two layers of silicon specifically treated with a sampling circuit connected to the highest layer, and a robust polymer support. From there, the photo voltaic panel may be framed (it adds sturdiness) or not (it reduces the burden), and in some circumstances, till the layers are composed of flexible materials.

The vast majority of photovoltaic solar panels work the same manner

The top layer of silicon is handled to offer it a detrimental electrical characteristic. The back layer is treated to give it the facility of constructive characteristic. Resulting from these remedies and the added components, the highest layer is rich in electrons and bedridden again is relatively poor in electrons.

These two layers are separated by a board charged with electrical energy, which permits electrons transferring from back to front, however not the other way. When gentle hits the photovoltaic solar panel, some of the photons are absorbed by the layers of silicon. Photons cause the discharge of electrons from the silicon crystal, and these electrons "wandering round", looking for a place the place they will seize on.

Some of the electrons are launched from the bottom layer and discover their manner through the board until the highest layer (rich in electrons). Some of these electrons are released from the top of this layer and, as they cannot journey to the background layer (electron-poor) and will probably be bundled with new electrons from the bottom layer, are free to be collected by electrical contacts of the floor top layer. The electrons collected are guided by way of an exterior circuit, providing power to the electrical system connected to the photovoltaic photo voltaic panels.

The circuit is completed when the electrons return to the underside layer of the photovoltaic photo voltaic panel, discover "points of rest" in the low electrons layer and await a new photon that launched them. There are not any moving components in photovoltaic photo voltaic panel, so the upkeep boils all the way down to conserving the junction bins and wires free from moisture and corrosion, and maintain photovoltaic solar panel floor clean sufficient to permit light to move by means of layers of silicon.

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