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It was Elizabeth Taylor who said that diamonds were a girls best friend. It is considered the finest gem that a person can have in their adornments, and the reason that it is used in wedding and engagement rings all over the world. They can be placed in necklaces, barrettes and bracelets. They are the special fine jewelry that is given to the most special of ladies.

Women smile at the sight of beautiful gems set in the finest gold placements. There are many websites that can supply the list of birthstones for earrings and rings. They are very popular gifts to give. Sites all over the web supply a list of which stone is associated with which month. The following is a list that is fairly general in its population, though there are several months with two or even three gems that signify them.

  1. January/Garnet2. February/Amethyst3. March/Aquamarine4. April/Diamond5. May/Emerald6. June/Pearls7. July/Ruby8. August/Peridot9. September/Sapphire10. October/Opal11. November/Citrine12. December/Zircon

These are the most popular stones that are set with surrounding similar colors to make a beautiful barrette or necklace. In the early part of the last century, women were commonly seen using large combs to keep back massive hairdos. They were considered the finest of jewelry that a woman could wear.

Jewelry often makes a statement about the people wearing them. Light colors often represent a light and happy personality while darker colors often represent dark moods. Pearls are usually seen as a dignified adornment, passed from one generation to another. People enjoy giving it as a gift for many different occasions.

Adornments can be made from different materials. Gold remains the most popular type of metal that is smelted for the purpose of making it. Other pieces are made from such things as sterling silver, bronze, brass, iron and steel. Anything that a product is made of should be of a high quality that will not turn the color of the skin around the finger any dark colors. It should not rub off any outer coatings onto the skin and should be tested for allergic reactions before constant wear. If allergic reactions to do occur, the item should not be worn any longer.

The different metals that are used to produce adornments are many but the most popular is gold, by far. Pieces are also made from things like iron, steel, bronze, brass and another common favorite, sterling silver. When an item causes the skin under the ring, necklace or bracelet to turn a different color, such as green or grey, it should not be worn any longer because it is not only unsightly but can cause discomfort.

One of the common unisex items would be the watch. Everyone wants to know what time it is instantly without having to consult a stranger who has a watch. They are considered very fine jewelry by many people, made with pure gold or by an artists skillful hands. They may have gold faces or diamond embedded faces. The watchmaker will put his own unique style to much of his work, creating a unique piece that will not be matched elsewhere. Some locations have adornments that are worn by everyone, such as in the African areas, where fine jewelry is worn out of respect and to show age and wisdom. In other places, certain pieces are seen either more on one sex than the other or by all people.

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