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  • Published March 7, 2011
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Double hung windows are far and away the most recognizable type of replacement windows in Greenville NC. In a number of areas of the country they correspond to up to 85% of the windows in the home. Both sashes raise and let down for ventilation purposes and virtually all double hungs allow for a person to leave the domicile in the event of a fire, etc. Practically all of today's double hung replacement windows boast sashes that tilt-in for trouble-free cleaning from the inside of the residence.

Casement windows are an extra replacement window option for homes in Greenville. They offer an alternative to the double hung window in that the sash cranks out for ventilation, but typically offer further overall glass viewing area than a double hung. As a rule casement windows open a full 90 degrees for easy cleaning of both sides. Today's casement replacement windows have updated hardware and locking mechanisms so as to render this type of replacement window an aesthetically satisfying and secure option.

Picture windows offer far and away the most glass viewing area of all Greenville replacement windows. They are the window preference in the home when there is an opportunity for a panoramic view. Because of the fixed sash, the picture window can be manufactured in the largest sizes, and is the most hermetically sealed of all home replacement windows.

A unique type of replacement window is the sliding window, occasionally called a slider. These offer splendid views with lots of glass area. They are obtainable in two and three sash (lites) designs. With two sashes, both sashes move comparable to laying a double hung on its side. In the three lite design, typically the middle sash is fixed, and the end sashes move. Most sliders lift out for easy cleaning, but several replacement window manufacturers offer a tilt-in option as well.

You find all of these types of replacement windows in Greenville NC, if you do your research.

Joe Mills is an author and trainer. He has sold and installed 1000's of replacement windows in the Southeast.

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