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  • Author David Z Anderson
  • Published March 3, 2011
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So you’re planning to get a house. Whether this is your first home or had several transactions down the line, it’s easily considered as one of the most frustrating (not to mention costly) transactions one will ever make. It’s very tempting to go out and start randomly picking from different Holly Springs homes for sale. It’s a tedious process, and not a lot of people are successful, or happy about the choices they’ve made.

But it could be made easy. Do your homework and plan ahead. Here are five steps to help you with the home-hunting process:

  1. Budget

First of all, you should know how much you could afford to spend in buying a house. It will save you and your agents a lot of time and effort. Determining how much of a loan one would qualify for (based on credit and income) and factoring every possible expense (such as maintenance, utilities, property taxes and maybe even homeowners’ association membership fees) are necessary to come up with a detailed plan in purchasing your new home.

  1. Market

Find out what house you want (and can afford) and where you want it. Look around the different neighborhoods that pique your attention, putting into mind where your finances stand. Browse the internet for trusted online open houses. Try looking in the prices of homes similar to the kind you want - to weigh your options and clue you in to the fairness of the price when you are able to buy it. Do your homework and familiarize yourself with the local market.

  1. Loan

Study about the best (and realistic) loan rates and terms. You can buy a home faster and easier if you get preapproved for a home loan. Ask your broker about exactly how much you need for the house’s closing costs. This will help you determine how much to put away for a down payment - which in turn will help you know how much your loan and estimated monthly mortgage will be. Loan rates could go as fair as 20 percent, but through planning and asking around the area, you might discover lower offers.

  1. Duration of Stay

How long will you stay in the house? You save better when you stay longer in a home. This is because you are spreading what are called upfront costs of buying a home. Up to 10 percent of the sales price would be adding up the house’s closing costs, the loan and inspection fees, and also your real estate agent’s fee.

Remember to keep in mind these simple tips on how to shop for your first home in Holly Springs real estate. It is indeed a big legal and financial commitment. Be it by going solo, or with the help of an agent to assist and represent you, by sticking to these basics, hunting homes will be a lot easier!

David Z Anderson writes articles about real estate and investment and is passionate about personal finance topics. Check out interesting Holly Springs homes for sale as well as a comprehensive list of Holly Springs real estate.

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