Try A Banded Collar Dress Shirt For A Business Casual Day At Work

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  • Author Susan Slobac
  • Published March 24, 2011
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For men who work in a professional office, you have a standard outfit that you can wear to work each day and that is the business suit. If your office prefers a more conservative dress code, then you will be limited in the colors of suits that you can wear. Although dress shirts in the most formal settings are often limited to white or light blue, other professional offices allow more freedom to select shirts in a variety of colors. Some professions even have one day a week, typically Friday, which is considered a business casual day in terms of the dress code. You would not show up in blue jeans, not that casual, but you could try a more colorful dress shirt, or drop the tie and wear a banded collar dress shirt. The banded collar dress shirt also makes a great choice for more casual dress occasions when you want to look at your best.

Collarless dress shirts were in vogue for formal wear for men from the 1900s-1930s in the United States. A banded collar dress shirt, which can also be called a round collar dress shirt or a mandarin collar dress shirt, gives you a shirt that is designed just like a men’s dress shirt with a collar, but this one simply has a band going around the neck where the collar would be and buttons in the front like a collared dress shirt. Since the collarless dress shirts are considered more as casual wear today, they typically have cuffs that button instead of French cuffs that fold over and are closed with cuff links. Likewise, a mandarin collar dress shirt has buttons up the front, rather than the more formal shirt studs, as might be worn with a formal tuxedo shirt.

A banded collar dress shirt is more of casual business wear for men and can be worn with dress slacks on their own and no tie as the shirt itself gives a finished look to the neck. If you wish, you could also wear mens mandarin collar shirts with dress pants and a sport coat. This is an excellent look for when you want to appear stylish and yet not be encumbered with a formal tie. The mandarin collar dress shirt can also be worn with a men’s dress suit, giving it a fresh and young take.

Please do not wear your banded collar dress shirt at work only. You can wear collarless dress shirts with denim jeans for a sexy style perfect for weekend get-togethers. Finding mens mandarin collar shirts is easy if you visit a men’s dress suit and formal wear seller online.

Susan Slobac writes about trends in banded collar dress shirt & collarless dress shirts.

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