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  • Published March 8, 2011
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Making regular improvements to homes in Northern Virginia prevents them from deteriorating beyond repair over the years. Especially for those who plan on selling their homes in the near future, it is wise to keep up with the basics. This means things like heating and air conditioning systems, having the foundation inspected and performing routine repairs to squeaky doors and broken fixtures. One way to do this is to contact a group of contractors that work together to handle the homeowner’s needs quickly and efficiently.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Most homes in the area have central heat and air conditioning systems to counteract the chilly winters and hot, humid summers. In Northern Virginia, air conditioning contractors can upgrade or repair systems to make the home more comfortable and comply with local zoning codes and regulations. Whether heating systems need to be fixed or replaced completely, it requires the skills and know-how of a certified professional to do the job safely and efficiently. Homes in the area frequently have problems converting attics and basements to livable areas without additional work on HVAC systems. A contractor that specializes in both can be helpful when the need arises.

Basement and Foundation

One of the more difficult issues a homeowner may face is discovering problems with the house’s foundation. When caught early, foundation repairs in Northern Virginia are easier to make and cost less. When left undiscovered and untreated, foundation problems can lead to bowed walls, chimney instability and floor erosion. For many folks, however, these problems are only discovered when selling the property. By having a home inspection done regularly, the integrity of the house can be preserved. The same contractor can often remedy wet basement or crawlspace problems, as well.

Handyman Repairs

There are many little things in a house that break and deteriorate over the years. Some require special skills to fix them. Others simply require time and inclination to get the job done. Homeowners often have either the time, but not the know-how, or the skills but not the time. As a result, the only time they get the projects completed is when it is time to sell their home and they have little choice in the matter. The most practical course of action is to call a handyman in Northern Virginia. These contractors can handle items like replacing interior trim, hardwood floors, cabinets and bathroom fixtures. They also clean gutters, replace kitchen countertops and refurbish exterior wood and trim.

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