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  • Published March 9, 2011
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Moisture is one of the biggest enemies a homeowner in Indiana or Michigan will ever have. And if your home doesn’t have a crawlspace vapor barrier, or even if it has one that has fallen into disrepair, then you’re just asking for trouble. Luckily, companies exist that can easily take care of your crawlspace woes. But how do you know when you’re in need of crawlspace repair? The following signs could serve as indicators that it’s time to give a professional a call.

• You have standing water in your crawl space—This one’s by far the most obvious. If you see water sitting under your home, you absolutely need to make a call for crawlspace repair. Allowing water to stagnate under your house will cause you a variety of problems, from large to small. Do yourself a favor and have a crawlspace vapor barrier installed immediately.

• You’re noticing lots of annoying insects in your home—Having problems with roaches, spiders, and other bugs in your home? Well, sure you can call someone in to spray and kill them off, but they’ll probably be back. See, if your crawlspace is wet, you’re providing pests with the perfect breeding grounds. They love wet, dark areas. And until you obtain crawlspace repair, the insects will keep coming back.

• The air in your home is noticeably moist—Does the air in your house feel thicker than usual? If so, that’s a big indicator that you could be in need of crawlspace repair. Air tends to travel up from underneath your home and out the top. If the air is moist, that could mean that your crawlspace is as well. So fixing the crawlspace problem will dry out your house.

• Your energy bills are higher than they should be—Sure high electricity bills could be caused by a number of factors, such as poor insulation or cheap windows. But did you ever consider that crawlspace encapsulation could bring down those high electricity bills? As noted above, when your crawlspace is left open to breathe, it sends air up into your home. You’re a/c then has to fight against that air to keep your house cool. By sealing up your crawlspace, you’re a/c works less. And your energy bills drop.

• The floors in your home are sloping—If a home has a slab foundation or foundation walls, it’s common knowledge that swollen or sagging floors probably mean you need foundation repair. But did you know that sagging floors in a home that has a crawlspace can also be a sign that your support system is in danger? A wet crawlspace can and will destroy your support beams. And if your beams begin to rot, then your floors will start to sag. A sure sign that you need crawlspace repair.

If you notice any of the above signs, don’t worry. Just find a crawlspace repair contractor who seems trustworthy and give them a call. They’ll come out and analyze your situation at no cost. That way, if you are in need crawlspace repair, you’ll know. Give a contractor a call now!

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