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  • Published March 7, 2011
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Carpet tends to be the go-to flooring in Tomball for refreshing a home. Tile flooring or laminate flooring in Tomball should be seriously considered as alternatives to carpet though. The wear and tear on carpet during showings is dramatic while tile flooring and laminate flooring are easily cleaned and maintained. Either tile flooring or laminate flooring can be covered with an area rug for more personalized decorating. Other flooring options, such as sheet goods, can be considered for kitchens, laundries and baths where warm water and wet mopping are most likely. In any case, it is best to mull over all your flooring options.

Consider the advantages of tile flooring and laminate flooring in Tomball. Each comes in a diversity of colors, patterns and faux materials. Laminate flooring can look like wood planking, marble or even tile flooring. Sweeping and light mopping clean either laminate or tile flooring. These products are more wear resistant than carpet or other flooring. Real estate showings can beat the physical plant, especially carpeting. In this market, showing wear is devastating. For flips or quick home sales, tile flooring and laminate flooring are inexpensive alternatives to carpet, which will help the house show much better, and if needed, longer. Overall, tile flooring and laminate flooring offer the most versatility and ease of maintenance.

When carpet is selected, it is difficult to change that look. When tile flooring or laminate flooring is chosen, area rugs or even room size rugs can personalize the decorating. Many prospective buyers may mentally place their oriental rugs into your rooms; that mental picture fails with carpets. In poor weather conditions, temporary runners or paper can be used to preserve the tile flooring or laminate flooring; not so easily with carpet.

Each room presents flooring challenges. The high traffic rooms like kitchens and family rooms require durable flooring products. Flooring vulnerable to hot water and heavy wet mopping, such as kitchens and baths, need to consider tile flooring or vinyl sheet goods flooring. Specialty rooms, exercise/weight rooms or wine cellars, demand attention to heavy floor loads or staining. Tile flooring in Tomball would be a poor choice for a weight room, but a great choice for a solarium. Keep in mind usage and versatility when selecting the appropriate flooring.

Rather than defaulting to carpet, think about alternatives. For living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, family rooms and hallways picture laminate flooring with area rug highlights. In terms of cleaning, tile flooring is tough and durable so it can be cleaned with ease. Flooring for specialty rooms require understanding the purpose and a "walking through" of the application to choose wisely. Remember the buyer ultimately perceives value in well-chosen details. Tile flooring and laminate flooring can both enhance that perception at a reasonable investment.

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