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  • Author Benjamin Hammer
  • Published March 9, 2011
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For a long time, home or business security monitoring has required the use of a landline phone hooked directly into the system itself. If something triggered the alarms, a call would immediately be placed to the monitoring company, and the appropriate measures would be taken for whatever issue was at hand. This method has worked, and still works well, even today.

More and more, however, people are dropping their landline phone service in favor of cellular devices or Voice over IP (VoIP) lines. The belief that a home security system requires a landline phone might be counterproductive, in cases like that. It may convince a person to drop the idea of getting security monitoring for their home—And that’s not a good idea at all let go of.

Let’s take the time to completely dispel that belief. Home security dealers and monitoring services have kept up with the technological curve. The trend of moving away from a landline phone has been seen, and addressed accordingly.

Nowadays, you don’t need a landline phone to have monitoring to your home or business. Dedicated cellular lines exist for security devices, and barring that, you can more often than not hook one up to a VoIP line to accomplish the same level of service. This has a few rather good benefits—The most prominent of which is the fact that you don’t need to have the hassle of maintaining a phone line you don’t even use. In addition, if the normal telephone lines go down and your system has a dedicated cellular connection, you don’t need to worry about losing contact with your monitoring service. Your home stays secure.

If you have further questions about just how this sort of thing works, feel free to ask your security consultant! They’ll have all the information you need, and will be more than happy to provide it to you. As always, your peace of mind is the most important thing.

Benjamin Hammer is a security analyst for Guardian Systems, a company specializing in providing commercial structured wiring (data, voice and networking), security, system automations, CCTV, audio/video, fire systems, access control systems, and RF ID to the majority of Tennessee area.

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