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  • Author Jimmy Mathis
  • Published March 13, 2011
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For more than two decades, epipe installations have been found to be highly reliable worldwide. The most prominent benefits of ePipe solutions are:

• Safe drinking water is assured unlike cement pipes and unlined metal pipes.

• Highly durable, specifically in comparison with copper pipe.

• Increased lifeline of pipe- An average epoxy coating can increase the lifespan of a pipe by 40-60 years.

• Less inconvenience, disorder, cost and time than pipe replacement.

• Elimination of corrosion which leads to leakage and blockage in pipes.

ePipe installation is a safe and permanent solution to fixing pipe corrosion, erosion and leakage. Pipe restoration becomes easy without destruction of walls and ceilings. It saves a lot of time and money as compared to the traditional method of water pipe removal and replacement. Moreover no damage is done to the walls and ceilings. The basic process of applying epoxy coating on any plumbing line involves drying of pipes, cleaning them and removing corrosion and other erosions that obstruct water flow and affect water quality. Finally a tasteless, odorless and safe epoxy coating is applied. It provides an everlasting protection against future pipe leaks and corrosion. ePipe solutions provides a cost effective explanation to many problems like:

Water Contamination: Corrosion of pipes causes contamination in the drinking water. Corrosion occurs mostly in lead and copper pipes. ePipe decreases the rate of corrosion by completely covering the surface of pipe with epoxy.

Water Discoloration: The water from the water treatment plant is perfectly clean. Once it reaches your plumbing, its interaction with exposed metal piping changes its color, generally leading to red or brown colored water. ePipe solutions ensures that the pipes are no longer exposed to water.

Reducing Pin-hole leaks and thinning copper pipes: The minuscule leaks in any pipe can lead to major problem such as water damage to your floor, walls and ceilings. Pinhole leaks are a signal of thinning copper pipes. Through ePipe solutions, pipes are no longer exposed to water. Hence, copper pipes are not damaged to a larger extent. It also restores the leaks in the pipeline, saving you money in the long term.

Low Water Flow & Encrusted Galvanized Metal: If the water pressure in your household decreases, it is a warning that something is wrong with your pipeline. It can either be a leakage and if no visible leakage is observed, the insides of your pipes are corroded. With continuous exposure of water to your pipelines, corrosion is collected. This leads to encrusted galvanized metals. ePipe Solutions involves removal of encrusted galvanized metals. For more information visit:

Jimmy and Wayne along with their Consumer Advisor J Rees Jones are very excited to be introducing Mathis's new Division, Epoxy Pipe Restorations of the Southeast and expanding the ePIPE Epoxy Lining technology into their region. Press Release Distribution

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