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  • Author Jimmy Mathis
  • Published March 20, 2011
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ePipes are epoxy pipes created by coating pipes by Fusion Bonded Epoxy Powder Coatings (FBE). They are used extensively for corrosion protection of steel pipes and fittings used in portable water transmission pipelines, oil and gas industry, concrete reinforcing rebar, etc. These coatings are protective powder based coatings. There is a three stage process to execute the coating:

 The steel surface is cleaned thoroughly dried and cleaned through sandblasting.

 The cleaned steel surface is heated to a certain degree in order to apply the coating.

 The coating is applied.

Due to the circular surface of the pipe, the coats are applied evenly all over the pipe and the process is executed rapidly. ePipe installation saves us from the inconvenience pipe removal and replacement. Some of the most prominent benefits of ePipes are:

Clean Drinking Water: Lead pipe that has ePipe installation protect the users from impurities associated with the pipe deterioration and eliminates future corrosion. At the moment, Europe is rushing to meet the 2013 guideline for lead found in drinking water.

Digging not necessary: In order to replace the corrosive pipeline of any house, or commercial property, digging of underground pipes becomes necessary. ePipes helps you from the replacement of the pipes by coating the original pipes and seal tanks from inside out.

Wall Busting not necessary: In order to replace and repair the original plumbing, the walls of the building are busted to make improvements. ePipe installation process prevents you from busting your walls.

Leak Prevention: Leakage in pipelines leads to sagging walls and mold. ePipes easily reseal the leaks in the pipeline, this saves you from maintenance and rebuilding costs of your building.

Improved Water Pressure: Corrosion built up inside a pipeline and restricts the water flow. During the ePipe installation, the insides of the pipes are dried and sandblasted. This will mitigate the corrosion level of the pipe.

Tested and Designed by Engineer: ePipe installation has become a popular trend in US, Canada and Europe for over a decade now. The unconventional technique of coating the pipes also requires a professional eye to monitor. The process is successfully supervised by a team of engineers.

Faster: ePipe installations are executed speedily as compared to old technique of refurnishing the plumbing which was a lot of time consuming and costly. ePipe installation can in executed in few hours.

Inexpensive: The whole operation of ePipe installation takes minimal hours, and it is least expensive as compared to changing your pipelines. The procedure causes minimum disturbance to residents and their activities. It can be easily used on any size of pipes. For more information visit:

Jimmy and Wayne along with their Consumer Advisor J Rees Jones are very excited to be introducing Mathis's new Division, Epoxy Pipe Restorations of the Southeast and expanding the ePIPE Epoxy Lining technology into their region. - Press Release Distribution

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