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  • Published March 27, 2011
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How safe is your home? Do you have a home security system protecting your, Home, Apartment or Condo ? If the answer is no, then the next question you need to ask yourself is......Why not ? A break-in takes takes place every 17 seconds in America. That is about 6200 burglaries a day. The odds of your home or apartment becoming the next statistic is increasing every day that you don't take proactive steps to deter criminals with a Wireless Home Security System.

A burglar or criminal wants to get in and get out of a building rapidly. Any signal of an alarm is going to send them on their way. Even though they may determine to enter a residence, the high decibel alarm will scare them off. If you have a alarm use it. In the event you don't have one then its possibly time to purchase one. The cost of a great high quality House Security System can cost less than $200.00.

The advantage of modern Home Security Systems is they're wireless, no setup, installation is extremely easy, and also the cost is really minimal. Navstar Wireless House Security System are good quality reasonably priced protection for your, home, apartment or small business.

This easy to operate Home Security System will sound an alarm and dial up to 5 preset phone numbers to let you know that motion has been detected or a door or a window has been opened in your home.

When the door/window sensor or motion detector is triggered, it sounds an alarm and sends a signal to the base unit. The base unit dials the very first telephone number on your pre-programmed call list. The person answering the call will hear a prerecorded alert message.

That person will have the alternative to listen in on the room, broadcast their voice by way of the base unit, or disarm the system. If there's no answer, or if the person doesn't disarm the system, it'll dial the next number on your programmed list.

In most instances where a home security system has been tripped by a pet, the motion detectors had been the security equipment that caused alarms to go off. Interior alarms for example motion sensors may be equipped with pet immunity features. This enables you to still protect your house and enable your pets to move about freely in your property without triggering your residential alarm system. Doors and windows are perimeter zones where pets are less likely to trigger a false alarm.

Insurance Discounts normally apply to the Installation of a Wireless Home Security System You get an added opportunity to save money when you have a Home Security System installed in your home or apartment.

Learn more about a Home Security System. Stop by Home Security Stores where you can find out all about Wireless Home Security System and what it can do for you.

Martin Swann is an avid English writer of Technology News who brings a level of humor and realism to the field that has generally been absent of it in earlier works. He currently live and work in the Los Angeles area. Wireless Home Security System

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