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  • Published May 6, 2011
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For a spectacular view of the beach and for enjoying amazing facilities, you need affordable Cazare Eforie Nord. Your beach vacation will miss the charm at Eforie nord, if you do not choose a good place to stay. Eforie nord is a town of Romania and is situated near the Black Sea. It features a wonderful beach with calm waters. The rocky cliffs and the magnificent beauty of the sea make this place a great vacation spot.

Why Eforie Nord?

People prefer vacationing in this seaside town because it is still untouched by industrialization and the modern lifestyle. The place is dotted with countryside roads and homes. The bucolic ambience of the place provides a relaxing, slow-paced environment, which is perfect if you wish to escape from the commotion of the metropolitans.

However, this countryside place is not exactly rural. It is well connected with railways, roadways and airways. There are stores that cater to all the basic requirements of a good living. Cazare Eforie Nord makes you feel at home with its comfortable places to stay, laced with basic amenities. Many villas have been converted into homes for the tourists. You can easily get single or double bedroom villas, combined with an impressive sitting area, and a breathtaking view of the sea and cliffs. Facilities like wine cellars and spas are common in such villas. Depending on your budget, you can book a lovely place to spend your vacation. Most of the villas are affordable, yet high in quality.

Most of the villas are located near the beaches. You can take a stroll on the soft sands anytime of the day or night. Many villas offer complimentary meals such as breakfast in their tourist package. If you're ready to spend some more money, you can get all the meals of the day inside the villa. The chefs arrange meals in buffet style comprising of traditional and exotic dishes. So, if you're tired and simply want to laze around in the villa, you can reward yourself at this facility. You need not go into town looking for restaurants.

However, Cazare Eforie Nord is a town that provides exotic cuisine suitable to all pockets. You can taste food that you've never tasted before. You can even take home savory recipes to try. So, you might as well go out in the streets looking for restaurants rather than getting fed inside the villa!


There is a variety of packages available for a vacation in this part of Romania. You can book a suitable package online thanks to websites dealing with travel and tour packages. They even provide clear images of the villas along with the rates and facilities. You can choose one in advance and book your place in Cazare Eforie Nord. There are luxurious packages and there are budget packages as well. Advanced booking is a good idea because the months from May to October witness a huge rush of visitors.

Watch for villas that provide tour guide services and a car rental facility. Guides can save you time and make your vacation worthwhile by leading you to important and sightseeing places of the town. So, happy vacationing at Cazare Eforie Nord! offers various packages for staying at Cazare Eforie Nord on a beach vacation. For more details on villas and their cost, visit

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