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  • Published May 12, 2011
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There are millions of people around the world who have yet to travel and experience countries outside of their own. Costs, underlying commitments, fear and uncertainty and a lack of willingness tend to be the main contributing factors to this.

There comes a time however, when people tell themselves that they are ready to leave their shores and indulge in the lifestyles and cultures of other countries and little differences that are on offer.

Most people have some sort of idea as to the exact parts of the world they have interest in exploring. If there is one country that tops the list of most appealing countries to visit, it would have to be Italy. The scenery, weather, history, food, culture and the people are the major contributors to its overall appeal.

Depending on where you’re travelling from to get to Italy, heading there on holiday can be an expensive exercise, particularly if you don’t plan it properly. Accommodation is one of the first things to consider and it would have to be said that staying at a b and b in Italy would be the best option in terms of cost cutting. It doesn’t matter which areas of Italy you choose to uncover, this is one form of accommodation that is readily available and offers consistent pricing in most parts of this stunning country.

So, where to visit? There are 5 parts of Italy that are very popular from a tourist point-of-view – Rome, Florence, Amalfi Coast, Venice and Capri. You can be confident of walking away from these places (if you can manage to of course) with a big smile on your face and plenty of lasting memories.

One of the first b and b in Italy you’ll need to find is in Rome, the first place on everybody’s lips. Perhaps the most desirable city in the world, Rome is rich in mind-blowing monuments and great architecture. The Colosseum – the ancient gladiator’s stadium is a must-see.

Florence is a city that exudes elegance, art, culture and architecture. You should definitely visit the Uffizi Gallery, synonymous for paintings by Leonardo and Raphael, just to name a couple.

For a mixture of culture, wonderful nature and breathtakingly beautiful rocky coastline, I recommend you visit Amalfi Coast. Here you’ll find villas that were built in the Roman era.

Then there’s Venice, which is a city built on a lagoon and filled with amazing canals. It’s also an area that has no roads for cars (bliss).

One other essential place to find a b and b in Italy is in Capri. The incredible scenery of this "Garden of Eden" and the constant sunshine make this city an obvious inclusion on your list of things to do when you visit Italy.

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