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  • Published March 3, 2011
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If you are searching in every nook and cranny for Gloucester houses for sale, then the correct place for you will have to pat yourself for having selected one of the bright places in the UK. Filled with famous people from the past it is bound to repeat history once more as its beautiful surroundings create an almost perfect atmosphere for forward thinking. Although if you would like to purchase Gloucester flats then you might need to dig deep into your pockets in order to obtain one, living here doesn’t come cheap. Starting values on your average house would be anything from £100,000 and up meaning it is not the cheapest real estate you can find. But the amount of initial investment is definitely worth it, as you will find absolutely everything you need in this modern city.

The Gloucester cathedral houses the biggest glass stained window in all of Europe making this a definite tourist attraction in your own back yard. Also rumors of the biggest ice cream factory in Europe have been mentioned by various sources. There is a big shopping mall in the city surrounded by tons of independent little stores giving the modern look of the city a bit a nostalgic touch to its commerce. An immense amount of immigrants creates in Gloucester a multi-cultural haven and has been voted as such by the surrounding cities. The city itself is not too far from London and with a port on the east side makes it a very profitable city to own a house. Thus owning Gloucester flats is more of an investment when looking for houses for sale in the respected areas.

Crime is average in the Gloucester area, not spiking heavily above the national crime statistics average, the city itself has a decent amount of populace playing on this statistic. There are several areas of interest in Gloucester that is a must see like the National Waterways museum that sits right next to the port in a bundle of warehouses. There has been some more sinister history in Gloucester with the 1994 arrest of the serial murder couple Fred and Rosemary West with the staggering number of twelve victims. This became sort of like the modern day Jack the Ripper story to Gloucester but their house was reduced to rubble soon after their arrest to ensure nobody went snooping around. You need not have even a speck of doubt as to the safety aspect of Gloucester houses for sale.

This city has hosted some of Europe’s most interesting minds, and even the remains of the composer to the Star Spangled Banner now rest in one of the Gloucester Cathedrals. If you are looking for an exciting and very active place to live in and to call home Gloucester might be the exact thing you’re looking for. With ample options to look into, and with an impressive history Gloucester definitely stands up to occasion for an innovative and exciting city. So if you are looking for the perfect house to purchase, Gloucester flats might exactly be the ticket you are looking for.

Gloucester Flats Could Be What You’re Looking For. Owning Gloucester flats is more of an investment when looking for houses for sale in the respected areas. you might need to dig deep into your pockets if you would like to obtain a flat here. Living here doesn’t come cheap.

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